Eps 1714: The reason why Muzz is a cunt

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Jo Gilbert

Jo Gilbert

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Finally, white poppies, a symbol that remembers those killed in conflict, but which focus on peacemaking and challenges how we view war. It is only a matter of time until we have the rainbow poppies, which acknowledges the efforts of this vast congregation of queer servicemen. Theirs is a modern day gymopaedia, an old Spartan festival in which nude young men show off their athletic prowess with military dances.
The aesthetic troupe are God-like sculptures who carry out rituals of war, entrusted with spiritual missions, who exert the manoeuvres of the circle dance like it were tribal rituals, taught only by being present, or imitating, the idol himself. In this weird, almost mundane, manner, Zizz and his crew became Internet celebrities by the time they were early twenties, well before Instagram fame was even a thing.
His older brother, Say Chestbrah Shavershian, told me that growing up, Zyzz was quite different from the persona for which he became known. He became a sensation on the Internet circa 2008, releasing an array of motivational videos charting his evolution from skinny, sad mutt into god. A constant staple in most of his videos, he perfected Muzz dancing and encouraged the movement at every local music festival, from Defqon and Stereosonic to Two Tribes.