What is this?

A free app which uses artificial intelligence to generate a complete realistic sounding podcast episode on any topic of your choice.

Why is this?

This app was created to demonstrate the awesome potential in several new artificial intelligence solutions and state of the art neural networks. Among those: Language models (GPT-2), GAN models, text to speech networks, contextual summarizes and more.

What value does it bring?

We're imagining a future in which high quality personalized content is created on demand for the user.

Today we are "force fed" content which is made by a few human creators based on the creator's interests, knowledge and opinions. The content is then curated by algorithms on platforms such as YouTube or Spotify and and selected by the consumer.

In our vision, unique personalized content will be created specifically for the user on demand, based on the consumers desires.
Want to listen to a 3 hour in depth analysis of the latest in fusion technology? No problem! Feel like passing an afternoon listening to a heated political debate between Marcus Tullius Cicero and his political opponent in ancient Rome? Done!

Granted, the technology is still not quite there yet (:
But we hope this early version of PodBot gives you a little glimpse of the future of AI generated content!