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Interweaving awkwardly choreographed fight scenes with interminable pontificating on the villainous, colossal corporations that are privatizing the commons, A Dark Truth, a middling ecological-themed thriller, wears its best intentions on its sleeves. While it is not an awful movie, writer-director Damian Lees latest thriller wastes its political potential by boiling the complex global water rights issue down to good guys versus bad guys, a kind of oversimplified dichotomy far more befitting a John Wayne Western. In the end, A Dark Truths preachy tone also influences several of the films antagonists, with even a hit man having a change of heart, and Bruce turning from a ruthless capitalist into one with conscience, struggling between money, power, and what is right.
Andy Garcia, Forest Whitaker), Kim Coates) and Longoria try their best to inject a bit of freshness into the tired, preachy, P.S.A.-style dialogue, but A Dark Truth is all the evidence you need that not even good actors with noble intentions can save shit-filled screenplays. Begosian and Frances are somber, bleeding-heart liberals who turn to violence to advance their causes and it results in almost one-dimensional performances from Andy Garcia and Forest Whitaker). The scene switches to Jake Begosian speaking to listeners of his radio show from Toronto, Canada, Atlanta, Georgia, and Los Angeles, California, discussing his pessimism toward the government, as well as his belief in humanitys goodness.
Jack Begosian is a former CIA agent who became a political talk show host upon retiring from his role as a spy. Andy Garcia stars as Jack Begosian, a radio talk show host in Toronto and a former CIA agent who left the agency following the Toronto International Scandal. Andy Garcia stars as Jack Begosian, a Toronto radio talk show host, whose program is snootily called The Truth. Jack Begosian points out water is not a commodity that can be bought or sold, and is challenged on his past work for the ex-CIA.
Jack Begosian is hired by a corporate whistleblower to reveal his firms cover-up of the Ecuadorian village massacre. He is hired by a corporate whistleblower to expose her companys cover-up of a massacre in a South American village. To expose the bloody corporate cover-up, the former CIA operative must rescue a desperate activist and her fleeing wife, with evidence of a crime. A corporate daughter, a majority shareholder, blows the whistle on her CEO brothers, sending a former CIA operative turned political talk-show host south of the border to investigate.
Morgan suspects that her brother, Bruce , was involved in the slaughter in the Ecuadorian village where Clearbek had operations, and seeks to uncover the truth of the companys involvement. Morgan huffs and puffs, hiring Jake to find out the real story of what evil the company is doing in Ecuador. Tony shows the soldiers his company ID, then drags Renaldo to his car. The scene shifts to an office building, with Tony Greene speaking with Bruce at Clearbecs corporate offices. Clearbec informs him that Francisco broke into a local office and stole their files.
The movie opens with Francisco Francis running through the jungle with his family as soldiers are shooting and killing the people around them. Forest Whitaker has the unappreciated job of playing the revolutionary who is wielding machine guns. Jack Begosian , her husband, Mia Frances , Jakes guide are seen carrying Colt Model 723 carbines seized from Ecuadorian soldiers. Deborah Cara Unger hands Francisco the weapon, then takes the shotgun, using it soon afterwards to shoot and kill another pursuing soldier.
A Dark Truth is a 2012 Canadian action-thriller film directed and written by Damian Lee, starring Andy Garcia, Kim Coates, Deborah Kara Unger, Eva Longoria, and Forest Whitaker. A lumbering thriller that attempts for relevance through its message about the environment, A Dark Truths biggest puzzle is how so many A-list actors ended up on this bland turkey. It is remarkable how every one of A Dark Truths heroes - including Begosian, the corporate whistleblower, and an assassin hired to murder Begosian, who has a change of heart - are northern-American.
Despite these obvious omissions, director/writer Damian Lee claims he was inspired by real-life South American water wars that occurred when a large transnational corporation bought up the water rights to a pair of countries . This basic lack of understanding also explains why Lee, trying to forge a parallel where one does not exist, borrowed the names of Talk Radio author-star Eric Bogosian and the real-life revolutionary Francisco Franco as the heroes in his movie.
The information we are given in television news and newspapers is pretty often either false, or, at least, partially true. Only in the Internet can we find some resemblance to truth, and even then we have to exercise our own discretion in filtering the lies out from the truth. In the west, we are not told the truth about what is going on in the east or middle east, nor are they told the truth about the west.
Repetition is the way that the people running the world indoctrinate us in their lies, feeding them to us in a drip-feed fashion, until that lie becomes a widely accepted truth. Society must endorse things that are turned into commodities before they are bought and sold.
With respect to finances, the way that the worlds financial structures are constructed is that they force us to work longer, harder hours, to have no time for self-care, as we are too busy trying to make ends meet.