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Roger Marshall

Roger Marshall

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I said sleepyfish a few sentences, eventually writing it on my phone, because of the cute-sounding name. That is about as much as you can say about Sleepy Fish -- one of the more consistent and beloved producers of the chillhop/lofi hip-hop beats scene over the last two years. Tell us about your relationship, and what is the creative process behind creating the Sleepy Fish experience.
The Chillhop Music family has been there with me from the very beginning, and I am so grateful for all of the endless support that they have given me. Honestly, the entire narrative side and the artistic base of the project is truly their idea, and they are a great moment to be on board. When not programming, I like to do Lofi things and other music things on my own time. I do contribute to it, sure, but what I am really most interested in is making music.
I am a homebody, very much, so I am definitely just staying inside, drinking coffee, and making music. I just tend to approach beats more indie-y, ambient-y, than jazzy, hip-hop-y, since those are the musics that I listen to the most and take influences from.
It is super frustrating, because the music is really good, and overall, the record is awesome. Instruments like the guitar, the bass without a fingerboard, Rhodes piano, the organ, the flute, and the signature underbass, as well as the various types of bells and chimes. The samples and Serum synth presets in this package are inspired by artists like Knowledge, Sleepy Fish, Jinsang, and Lofty.
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The Great Arizona Puppet Theatre is preparing to present The Never-Sleepy Fish April 22-May 15. I discovered this Penn State-based producer thanks to our friends at Chillhop Music, back when she released her 2019 full-length, My Room Becomes The Sea for the first time.