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Japanese - Animation series Mushoku Tensei has been suspended from the Chinese video platform Bilibili due to its content. The content of the anime was accused of violating mainstream values and morals and being inappropriate to an underage audience.
Bilibili had been streaming the anime series Jobless Reincarnation until the episode was removed last Sunday. Chinese netizens learned that the cartoon was pulled from the platform on the same day that the fifth episode was supposed to be released. However, the spokesman said he blamed the platforms for releasing the anime without specifying the age limit for viewers.
Although the show reportedly enjoyed a 9.2 out of 10 rating on Bilibili, it bombed the platform it reviewed, with 72% giving it a one-star rating.
The comments didn't go down well with the anime community, and according to Variety, a group of female bilibili users accused the platform of tolerating misogynistic and sexually suggestive content. Sofy said on Weibo: 'We strongly reject and condemn all forms of offensive behavior and comments about women.
The popular anime streaming platform Bilibili has banned Mushoku Tensei from the platform after the online feud became public. Japanese anime fans, as well as the anime industry as a whole, have come to the show's defense.
Mushoku Tensei was removed from Bilibili after receiving backlash from users when an influencer made controversial comments about the series. The streaming service said the decision was due to technical issues, which is a lie, but many fans opposed it. Several Chinese brands have announced they are working with the streaming platform as they plan to air the controversial Mushoku Tensesi anime.
Bilibili has removed the first 4 episodes of Mushoku Tensei, but episode 5 has not yet aired and episode 6 has yet to air. Chinese streaming platform bilibilis has announced that it has removed from its catalogue the entertainment novels written by Rifujin Magonote and illustrated by ShiroTaka.
The fifth episode, which aired today on Japanese television channels, is no longer available on the network, but the second and third episodes are still available.
Chinese streaming platform Bilibili has removed it from its catalog, but some point out that the removal of the series is due to the influence of a Chinese influencer named Lex Burner and his followers.
The fifth episode of the series, which recently aired in Japan, has not yet been uploaded to a Chinese streaming platform. There is a light novel by Rifujin Magonote, illustrated by ShiroTaka, and a short story by Tetsuya Yamaguchi.
The show's website now says the content is unavailable for "technical reasons," a common euphemism for censorship. Bilibili issued a statement saying the show was cancelled indefinitely due to technical issues.
Although LexBurner has apologized, the site is now suing them for violating their content - creating the contract and breaking the contract.
Meanwhile, a group of female users set out to accuse the platform of mishandling the situation at Mushoku Tensei. Local newspaper China News reported that the site appeared to have been shut down after a female user criticised the show and a male user used similar language. Since Bilibili began airing "Mushoku tensesi" last month, users have complained that it contains "soft pornography" that insults women.
The show was suspended on Sunday citing technical issues, but on Monday the company also banned popular content creator LexBurner, who has millions of fans on the platform and has criticized the controversial anime. After the ban on Lex burners, Bilibili released a statement saying that the user had made "many inappropriate comments during the live stream and violated the relevant rules of the Bibilili community."
Mushoku Tensei began airing on January 11 and has received an overwhelming positive response from the anime community. The godfather of the Isekai genre is considered an anime that introduces many popular Isekai concepts, including Truck Kun. New Studio Bind, which was developed especially for the Mushoku - Tensesi Anime, has been working on the development of the series for 4 years.
The anime series is listed as 24 episodes, which are divided into 2 courses, with a total of 12 episodes. The Japanese anime Mushoku - Tensei, a popular video site known for its content in the fields of anime, comic and games, has started broadcasting. The series, which sees a middle-aged man reborn in a dream, has caused controversy in the anime community for visualising some of the characters' sexual fantasies.
Japanese - Animated Series Mushoku - Tensei was excluded from the Chinese video platform Bilibili for the first time in its history. Although the main cartoon of Biliili was promoted as the "main cartoon" this season and the fourth episode was released last Monday, it has garnered more than 70 million views on the site.
The content of the anime was accused of violating established values and morals and being inappropriate for a minor audience. Chinese netizens learned that the cartoon was pulled from the platform on the same day that the fifth episode was supposed to be released. However, he blamed the platforms for the decision not to release the show because it was not set at the request of viewers.