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This article tells the story of different episodes in the Littlest Pet Shop series. In episode 13, Mrs. Twombly is desperate to prepare for the grand opening of Littlest Pet Shops, and Blythe has to balance keeping the peace between Zoe and a day camp visitor while Mrs. Twombly is away. In episode 2, Mrs. Twombly runs out of her favorite cleaning spray and must find it before she has a fever, while Blythe does her best to keep things running smoothly at the pet shop. In episode 12, a mysterious jungle curse shrinks Littlest Pet Shops down to the size of dolls, leaving Zoe and Blythe to rescue their miniaturized friends. In episode 4, Russell gets lost while back at the pet shop and Zoe asks Penny Ling to relay her true feelings to a handsome day camper. In episode 10, Penny Ling meets a lobster eager to "get in shape" and Sunil and Vinnie face off in an intense sandcastle-building contest. In episode 13, Blythe writes a story about her parents as teenagers while Penny Ling becomes curious about a red panda who visits the pet shop. The characters from the Littlest Pet Shop series come to visit the pet shop in episodes 6-8 as part of their filming for an upcoming TV show.
In the episode "Penny Ling to the Rescue" Penny Ling and her friends set out to rescue their miniaturized friends from a mysterious jungle curse. They find themselves in a doll house world of old rival Madame Pom and must compete against her in order to free their friends. To do this, they enlist the help of the shop's resident vet and use her favorite cleaning spray, "Annual Clean Fever," to shrink themselves down to littlest pet size. With practice, they are able to master the art of shrinking themselves down and then use their new skills to successfully rescue their friends. Throughout the episode they also practice their new routines with a pet dance team, and are eventually able to break the curse of destruction Mrs. Pom has set upon them. In the end, Penny Ling is rewarded for her efforts by being made an official heir of Pet Shop Eve.
After being given a special pet beachwear line, Penny Ling and her friends decide to enter the upcoming Alley Cappella Championship. They recruit Pump Panda, Sunil and Zoe to join them and compete. At the championship, Penny Ling meets Lobster Eager, a handsome doggie day camper who is also competing for the championship. Meanwhile, Zoe is struggling to relay her true feelings for Sunil as she fears that he might reject her. At the competition, Penny Ling encourages her friends with some fun hitches along with her own singing performance. Despite competing against other talented singers from all around the world, Penny Ling's team manages to win first place at the competition thanks to their performance of an original song written by Zoe. Afterwards, everyone decides to celebrate by visiting Pet Shop Eve where they meet a red panda named Fu who introduces them to an intense sandcastle building contest.
Fu and his friends, including Penny Ling, take part in the competition and eventually win. Blythe helps Youngmee search for the perfect pet, but all she finds is a bad-tempered Zoe who has been sent away from her previous home. Just then, a TV producer notices Blythe and decides to cast her as the lead actress in a new show called 'Littlest Pet Shop - Penny Ling to the Rescue'. This show follows Penny Ling and her adventures as she attempts to save a Russian circus bear from captivity. As they study their subjects, Youngmee and Blythe also learn important lessons about friendship along the way.
Littlest Pet Shop Penny Ling to the Rescue is a delightful adventure story about Penny Ling, a panda who decides to use her detective skills to help solve the mystery of the stolen doorknob collection from Twomblys’. She starts by fingerprinting the stolen doorknob collection and then takes up scuba diving so she can search for clues underwater. Meanwhile, Penny's pets believe in her and try their best to help out, but they are horrified when they find out who the culprit is. As Blythe and Youngmee also get involved in trying to solve the case, they create a vlogcasting series to tell their pets what is going on.