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One major difference between A Way Out and It Takes Two is the fact that A Way Out has more endings. If you are looking for the two endings of A Way Out, heres how to grab them, and what they show. What is cool about A Way Out A Way Out is that it can end two different ways depending on an outcome fully determined by the players. This guide will cover A Way Outs different endings and how to unlock each one, so players will have a sense of just how many endings are possible within this action-packed adventure.
If you are still playing A Way Out with a co-op partner and you have not reached any of the endings, you might want to go back now and complete the game before reading any further. If you and your co-op partner are stuck with one of the games many puzzles, then head to our A Way Out Walkthrough for a breakdown on how to beat every single chapter in A Way Out. A Way Out is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective.
The protagonists of A Way Out are Vincent Moretti and LeonardLeo Caruso. The ending of A Way Out comes to an end when the player watches Leo driving off, and the funeral for Harvey is simultaneously taking place. Feeling betrayed, Leo subdues Vincent, takes Vincent hostage, and hijacks the cop car in order to flee.
For a "Fugitives-Breathers" episode, Vincent is required to play piano while Leo plays the banjo in the farmhouses living room. This can only be done by Leo, however A Fugitives-Breather unlocks for both players. A Runaway - The Yard will unlock for both players once Leo has performed a 20th dive. The requirements for this trophy can only be completed by the player controlling Leo.
Away From Home - The Yard This is the first trophy that can be unlocked during Away From Home. A Escape - Prison Escape This is the 2nd trophy you can get in the game.
A Fugitives - The Breather This is the 13th or 14th, and possibly final, trophy you can earn in A Way Out. A Preparedness - Reunion This is the 7th, 8th, or 9th trophy you can earn in the game.
Only Vincent is allowed to assist Vincents wife, however, both players get the Afflicted - Reaper. When both of them get to Harveys mansion, there is a gunfight.
The player controlling Leo must be careful to not go climbing the treehouse just yet, because doing so will cause a cutscene ending that scene. For example, in the first part of A Way Out, the player controlling Vincent has to distract a nurse and a security guard, so that the player controlling Leo can find a chisel needed to help them escape.
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I am actually leaving right now, so we are going to have to postpone our meeting until tomorrow. From the game menu, message any of your friends, they will unlock the free trial, then you are ready to play a game on your way out together. A Way Out offers a free-to-play online model, so players will be able to join in on-line sessions , regardless if the joining players actually own the game.
A Way Out does not feature a solo option; A Way Out is played in local or online split-screen co-op with up to two players. It is designed specifically for split-screen co-op multiplayer, meaning that it has to be played with one other player via either local or online play, while both players screens are displayed side by side. Players may interact with a number of non-playable characters, and dialogue options are available to players. Because both main characters stories are told at once, one player can play the escape, and the other can watch a cutscene.
Near the games conclusion, players learn Harvey was actually undercover police all along, using LeonardLeonardo Caruso to recover the Black Orlov, and get justice for his fallen brother, Gary, who was also undercover, and was a buyer on this potential sale.