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Fyre Festival, a Luxury Music Weekend, Crumbles in the Bahamas" .
The complete disaster of Fyre Festival played out on social media for all to see; 'NOT MY FAULT' says organizer Ja Rule" .
Organizer of Failed Fyre Festival Pleads Guilty to Fraud" .

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Ken Robinson

Ken Robinson

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If you don't remember, if you were lucky enough to avoid reporting the original debacle, the Fyre Festival was to be an entertainment disaster, brought back into the public eye by its failure. A struggling business owner, in particular, gets a lot of love, but not for the reasons you think. If you are like me and avoid all this, you know that I support the idea of a "festival" as a way of life, not as an escape from the real world. Reports have claimed $140,000 has been raised to support Rolle, who claims to have spent his life savings paying his staff after being choked by festival organisers.
Some people paid thousands of dollars apiece to be flown in on chartered planes, expecting to hear performances from Blink 182 and other acts.
In April 2017, around 5,000 people spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on what they saw as an unforgettable experience: an idyllic tropical setting on a private island in the Bahamas. The much-vaunted Fyre Festival promised a place where the tropical sun shone all day and the party was lit at night. Festival - Visitors were promised access to rappers Ja Rule, model Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid and other celebrities.
Most people only found out about the unprecedented fiasco that was the Fyre Festival after a photo of a sad cheese bun went viral. Indeed, the so-called "dinner" given to ticket holders who paid a high dollar for a first-class music event was hubris driven by incompetence and fraud, which instead greeted attendees. A photo showing cold cheese buns in foam containers went viral on social media after being promoted at an event on a private island in the Bahamas in April 2017.
Since its inception, the 2017 festival has been a disaster, according to the film "Fyre Festival," which opens in theaters and on Netflix on January 18.
The biggest party that never took place "focuses on businessman Billy McFarland, who organized the event. At the centre of this wilder - as - fiction is the sweaty huckster Billy, a morbid, fascinating narcissist who lives up to the fantasies he sells.
While Fyre was advertised as an exclusive party for wealthy Instagram influencers, Seth says more ordinary people attended the event than Insta - famous models.
The Fyre Festival was not only a sad experience for the people who paid for the celebration, it also had a negative impact on the island's natives, who helped the organizers build the festival. One only has to look at the music festival that was due to begin on April 27 in the Bahamas to see what was going on behind the scenes on an island in Great Exuma, Bahamas. The Netflix documentary focuses on what was reported on Twitter, mainly about the chaos of the festival and what happened.
Concert-goers, who paid $12,000 for a ticket, arrived at the bare-bones campsite in disarray and learned that the bands had to withdraw from the festival and were finding it difficult to leave the island. The chaotic scenes sparked a media firestorm, depicting a scenario like "Lord of the Flies" with the rich twenty - something that appears in the book.
The luxury festival, which has been billed as "the largest and most expensive music festival in the world in the United States," began on Fyre Island, a private island off the Florida coast in Florida's Atlantic Ocean.
A business-savvy entrepreneur gets a lot of love, but if you don't remember, he raised $140,000 for the festival after Rolle claimed he had to spend his savings to pay his staff after being smothered by festival organizers. If you were lucky enough to avoid reporting the original debacle, the Fyre Festival should be the first of its kind to be supported by celebrities such as Beyonce, Katy Perry and Rihanna. But the news that the failed Froyo festival has been reopened has brought the entertainment disaster back into the public eye.
Some paid thousands of dollars apiece to fly in on chartered planes and set up mattresses and tents in anticipation of listening to performances by Blink-182 and other acts. But after many people had already arrived, organizers canceled the weekend's events after spending thousands of tickets and trips, as well as thousands of dollars more on tickets.
If you're not rich, young and in love with music festivals, you may have missed out when the Fyre Festival sank into a sea of mud in the Bahamas in April.