Eps 195: don't you worry about that


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Explain that we are going to be thinking about things we are worried about, and things we can do that can help us to manage these worries. Ask kids to think of a few things that might bother them, no matter how big or small. Encourage the group to keep taking a single shredded piece at a time, and hand something they are worried about over to God for God to work on.
Introduce a Stevie Wonder classic, and remind kids that just like that song told Christians to worry nothing, God also told us to worry nothing, but give all of our worries over to Him. Stop worrying about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry of its own.
Check out David Guetta, The Black Eyed Peas, and Shakiras grooving banger Do not You Worry on Spotify below, or alternatively, your streaming platform of choice right here. The Black Eyed Peas teamed up with Shakira and David Guetta for a new track -- watch the video for Do not You Worry below. The new track comes off Black Eyed Peas forthcoming ninth studio album, which is expected to drop later this year.
It is the second collaboration between The Black Eyed Peas and the iconic Colombian singer-songwriter and multi-Grammy winner and Latin Grammy Award-winner Shakira. The new song marks the second collaboration between the LA-based trio and highly accomplished and distinguished Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira.
The song has been certified triple platinum in Denmark, having been streamed more than 5.4 million times, while it is certified nine times platinum in Sweden. The single has charted in other countries including Australia, Scotland, and Sweden. In the United States, Do not You Worry Child peaked at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States, becoming Swedens first and only Top 10 single. Swedish House Mafias, released Do not You Worry Child as their sixth single in 2012.
The songs music video follows a performance by the Swedish House Mafia Milton Keynes, the groups last ever live performance in the United Kingdom. Their swansong is Sweden House Mafias sixth and final single, and for that reason, it is kind of melancholy, almost in the spirit of David Guettas Without You collabo with Usher. The Black Eyed Peas have just released their new single, Do not You Worry, featuring Shakira and David Guetta.
Today, six-time GRAMMY Award-winning, genre-bending pioneers The Black Eyed Peas are back with a bombastic new single entitled Do not You Worry bigger and better than that. Personally, everything I learned about this features movie--that it stars Florence Pugh, and should have used the comma after the worry in Florence Pughs name--was against my wishes. What seems to be true is that the men are all actors, and they did an awful job acting as though anything to do with Do not Worry Darling was boilerplate.
Do not Worry is hardly the first case of a filmmaker breaking up with his or her partner in order to chase after the person with whom he or she is making a film. That kind of timing would explain why his longtime partner, Jason Sudeikis, served up the papers to take custody of the film during Do not Worry, Darlings massive promotion stop. Actor Shia LaBeouf shared screenshots of texts and video of Wilde with Variety, which he says proves that he left, and that director Olivia Wilde really wanted him to stay on with the project.
Do not You Worry Child opens with the singer looking back on a happy time where, as a young boy, he was the king of the world, on the golden throne.