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Our vision is to be the sourcefor childhood learning on the internetavailable from anywhere and without charge.

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Gertrude Boyd

Gertrude Boyd

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Companies like Age of Learning provide online education for children in schools that have closed or are closing. Adventure Academy is a collection of thousands of learning activities in reading, mathematics and science.
CodaKid is an online coding academy that teaches children to develop their own games, from Minecraft mods to video games. Readingiq is a collection of thousands of activities in reading, maths and science for children in schools. Rounding out the list of online educational opportunities for young children and young adults is Minecraft Academy, an award-winning online coding course for younger learners aged 8 and over aimed at children aged 6 to 12.
Don't forget the friendly teachers who can help your child as much as possible by helping him with his programming skills and game development.
As already mentioned, we believe that programming will become a must-have - all students must have skills by 2020. Sumdog can be used both at home and at school, so give your students the help they need.
Also known as SplashMath, SplashLearn is an online platform aimed specifically at younger K-5 students who need additional help in math. These videos help children write their letters, do basic math, and promote social and emotional development. They are beautifully designed, funny characters make each lesson a little more fun, all of which aim to improve student performance through fun and interactive online methods.
While Khan Academy's regular channels offer classes in chemistry, citizenship and advanced math, Khan Academy Kids is only available for iPad and iPhone, which also means parents don't have to worry about their children surfing YouTube unsupervised. Home learning can also be used by teachers who keep the curriculum running even during school closures. Scholastic's Learn at Home is a free resource that helps children continue to learn even in the midst of school closures. All lessons are offered in the classroom, so the children can do it themselves.
The app uses augmented reality to encourage children to read as they experience adventures with a range of different characters. The Wonderscope children's reading app is free and encourages students aged 6 and over to learn at home.
The library also has resources to help New York educators find materials that support their curriculum and connect students with dedicated learning aids. Digital education company Achieve3000 offers differentiated educational tools for children, such as the Digital Literacy Toolkit and Digital Learning Tools.
Find out how to help school-age children learn at home without having to seek help at school or online. PBS Kids has launched a series of activities and educational games for students between 2 and 8 years old that they can do at home. Discover the benefits of reading to help young children develop their reading and writing skills from home while they prepare for school.
The PBS Kids Games app includes nearly 200 educational games that can be downloaded to play offline. The PBS children's video app is also available for Android and iOS devices as well as Windows, Mac and Linux devices and offers more than 1,000 hours of educational content without the need for a subscription.
At Glogster there is a learning platform, which aims at enabling children to express their knowledge through online multimedia and digital posters. MarcoPolo Learning is a Steam-based curriculum for children with a focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
Learning resources help you translate your textbooks into reality by exploring children's toys that are easy to buy and easy to buy.
Challenge your children by using the pages below, which teach everything from chemistry to reading comprehension. The free Arcademic Skill Builders website is designed for students from first through sixth grade and offers dozens of games that aim to improve students "skills in math, science, math and other subjects. Forget your child and challenge your child's mind by using some of the pages listed above that teach things like chemistry, reading and understanding, as well as a variety of other skills.
Parents of primary school children can access the free video series "Backpack Sciences," which provides children with practical knowledge of scientific concepts. For young children learning visually, Boardmaker offers a variety of free printable activities that are useful for children from first to sixth grade as well as older children.
Interactive social skills games are an excellent learning tool to teach children discipline, as games require children to follow rules and guidelines in order to participate. Even children who are frustrated by other learning methods can hold on to these games because the play itself is rewarding. Children can develop new knowledge and skills that can be mastered with digitised learning tools, giving them the self-confidence they need to learn more new things.
It is commendable that millions of courses from some of the best educators are available free of charge to anyone with an Internet connection, whether online or offline.