Eps 1517: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: S1E1

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Carter Sutton

Carter Sutton

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Robert Capron had to wear a wig for the movie, since his hair was shaved for the character of young curly boy from The Three Stooges, which is explained in the Wimpy Kid movie diary books. Rodrick encourages Greg to take the trip on the Wilderness Weekend a with Gregs high school classmates in order to impress Frank. During another country club visit, Rodricks father, Roberts, confronts Frank and Greg about Greg buying a smoothie that costs two hundred sixty dollars.
Greg frantically attempts to use his flip-phone to call home, but unintentionally dials 911, leading Robert to be nearly arrested because he arrives at the door with a knife.
Their families confront Greg after Greg accidentally emails every person on Rowleys father Roberts contact list. Greg becomes increasingly upset by the familys bizarre lifestyle, and uses Rowleys father Roberts computer to send an e-mail secretly to Susan in order to remove Greg from the trip. His trip with Rowleys family ends with Greg abusing the whole clan and getting Frank arrested by police. He also talks with Greg about learning from mistakes and taking responsibility, making them both realize that they are more alike than they thought.
Ancient Egyptians believed that there was a dark dragon who attacked the Sun God every day, while people in Norway think there is a dragon gnawing on the roots of trees, which support all life on earth.