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A Mobile police detective said Morgan Barnhill told him that, out of rage, he went into a rage blackout and savagely attacked Etienne Murray, using pipes, boards, branches, anything else he could find. A prosecutor testified that Morgan Barnhill slammed a shovel into Murrays face with the pipe, then left him alive there for hours before calling the police. Two or three hours after the beating, the Mobile Police Detective said Morgan Barnhill eventually called police, claiming that he had stopped someone breaking into his shed and binding Etienne Murray. The Mobile Police detective says when Murray arrived, Morgan Barnhill was talking, and then finally came in behind him and slammed his head with a shovel.
The supervisor ordered the off-duty cop, Shlemetyev, to bring farmer Timofey Vasilyevich Vozdukhov to the police station. Apparently, the assassins, who insisted during their entire trial that they had not beat the man, claimed they had brought him to the police-station in a battered state.
The 73-year-old was alone just blocks away from his house when he was surrounded by seven teenage boys and beaten from behind. The 73-year-old man was taken immediately to Temple University Hospital following the assault, where he died the next day. The first youth who attacked Lambert was seen in video striking a man - whose face is blurred in video footage of the assault - with a traffic cone while walking away from a group of youths on the other side of the street. The Philadelphia Police Department released video Friday showing a large group of teens using a traffic cone to beat to death the 72-year-old.
PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - Security footage released by the Philadelphia police on Friday shows seven teens fatally beating a man in his early 70s using a traffic cone. PHILADELPHIA -- Two brothers, 10 and 14, turned in their brothers to the police over a vicious beating death in Philadelphia that left one man dead, aged 73. Two sisters accused of beating the 3-year-old boy to death after he took a cupcake out of a kitchen are scheduled for trial later this year. PHILADELPHIA - Police are searching for a group of seven teen suspects who violently beaten a 73-year-old man to death last month in North Philly, using a cone and other objects that slammed the man on the ground and caused a brain injury.
Aaron Fulk, 48, is accused of beating the 66-year-old man, who was disabled, with a metal pole on a crowded street in Seattle Aug. 2. Distress video shows a disabled 66-year-old man beaten to death with a metal pole in Seattle -- apparently by a serial felon police said had been released from jail by a local judge just eight days before for another misdemeanor. Prosecutors said Foulke continued beating the disabled 66-year-old even after the victim fell unconscious during a beating Aug. 2.
The defendant admitted to officers he was trying to kill the disabled 66-year-old, and although acknowledging that the victim was the first person he had attacked this way, made clear this victim was not going to be the last, senior deputy DA Gretchen Holmgren wrote in charging documents seen by The Seattle Times. An autopsy after the death determined that a six-year-old boy in Florida died of blunt force injuries to his head and abdomen, according to Lopez. Lopez went on to say the reason why the boy was unconscious when officers arrived was because his parents had beat him because the parents were upset with him because he was drinking out of a bathroom.
In a recorded telephone conversation obtained by investigators, Jason Godleski told a family member A couple from Florida punched the 12-year-old boy too hard in the face and the back of the head, leaving him to die, Police Chief Nelson Moya said. Jason Godleski went to the police and reported his sons death while the 12-year-old was asleep, Police Chief Nelson Moya said. Jason Godleski was arrested Oct. 26, four days after walking into the Palm Bay Police Department to report the death of his son. The man was found badly beaten near Tonys Seafood on Plank Road, according to police.
When the 18-year-old refused to wrestle, ten British teenagers followed as he left a market, killing him from behind, outside Britannia Inn Pub in Newbottle Street. The two men then beat fourteen-year-old Emmett Till almost to death, tearing out his eyes, shooting him in the head, then throwing his body, tied with barbed wire to a 75-pound fan made from cotton gin, into the Tallahatchie River. Disturbing videos of the incident released Friday by police showed Lambert trying to get away from the teen while they followed him and slammed him to the ground with a conical baton.