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This article tells the story of a nationwide treasure hunt led by David Kleins Jelly Belly creator, Andrew Maas. Andrew Maas bought a ticket for a 6am flight the next day from Denver to Indianapolis, then drove to Kokomo to hopefully finish his quest. Andrew Maas ended up registering for a year-long hunt in Kansas, but never found a ticket. He started looking for the tickets in Kokomo parks, and eventually found them all. The final prize for the nationwide treasure hunt was the ownership of one of David Kleins actual candy factories in Florida.
The jelly belly creator, David Klein, decided to run a candy factory from the factory and search for a golden ticket. The winner of this scavenger hunt would be chosen by Andrew Maas, the chosen one of David Klein. He planned out the scavenger hunt using his own ideas and strategies. The golden ticket was found by Andrew Maas and he chose his plan to become the owner of the candy factory. After 3 months of hard work and dedication, Andrew Maas was able to succeed in his plan and became the new owner of Kleins' candy factory.
Before concluding previous statewide hunts, Andrew decided to organize a Golden Ticket Scavenger Hunt in the parks of Kokomo. He had hidden tickets in public spaces and areas of the state, and whoever found one had to be at the airport at 6 a.m. for a year-long trip to Kansas. After 8 days of searching, somebody finally found the ticket. With just enough time before his flight, Andrew used Google Maps to make it from Kokomo to Colorado where he bought a ticket for Denver - Indianapolis flight and went off the next day.
Andrew was scouring the country for golden tickets to join the grand Golden Ticket Scavenger Hunt. The hunt took people from all over the United States and Canada to solve riddles in order to win 50 gold necklaces - a true treasure hunt! The scavenger hunt featured gold tickets in each of the participating cities, and teams of people had to solve riddles and clues hidden around each city in order to locate them. As luck would have it, Andrew found one of these tickets in Wyoming, leading him on a journey through Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico before ending up at the grand finale - Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!
The Golden Ticket Scavenger Hunt, sponsored by Klein Candy and Jelly Belly, is an epic nationwide treasure hunt that began on July 1st. The rules are simple: only one golden ticket was hidden in each of the candy factories across the country and whoever finds it wins the ultimate prize - a free ride to the Candy Making University in Florida. On top of that, Klein and Jelly Belly are also offering one grand prize winner full ownership of a candy factory with all expenses paid tuition to the university! The scavenger hunt has been a huge success with everyone from young children to senior citizens taking part.
The jelly belly candy company is the original creators of this nationwide treasure hunt. David Klein, the founder of jelly belly and his partner Willy Wonka, have hidden gold tickets in their candy factories across the country. Participants must search for these tickets to receive keys that will unlock a grand prize. The grand prize is an all-expenses paid vacation to one of David Klein's candy factories. Whoever is lucky enough to find and receive the golden ticket winner will be awarded with a lifetime supply of jelly belly jelly beans from the original creators. This has been an exciting event for everyone involved and it has been a great way to celebrate Willy Wonka and David Klein, two of the most famous names in candy making history.
Herman Goelitz, the founder of the Goelitz Candy Company, first announced the treasure hunt last year and it has been an incredible success. Gustav Goelitz, son of Herman and current owner of the company, was instrumental in organizing this event. He has made sure that everyone involved had a chance to win big prizes as part of the scavenger hunt.
David Candyman Klein, partner to the ultimate candy factory prize, is hiding tickets inside of gold necklaces and creating four line riddles to lead the hunters to them. He wanted to create his own national treasure hunt so he gave away $300,000 worth of golden tickets that could be used at the Willy Wonka candy factory. He said his wife was the inspiration for this scavenger hunt and wanted her to have something special as part of it. Prizes for finding each ticket included a trip for two to a tropical destination, a year's supply of candy, and other prizes worth thousands of dollars. The grand prize winner will be given a $5 million cash prize as well as ownership of the Willy Wonka candy factory.
David Klein, the creator of the jelly belly brand of candies, has recently announced a nationwide treasure hunt. In this hunt, people can look for golden tickets that have been hidden in candy packages across the nation. Whoever finds these golden tickets will be eligible to take part in the ultimate treasure hunt and receive the keys to David Klein’s candy factory. This grand prize is being called “The Life Candyman” and it will be awarded to the lucky person who finds all of the golden tickets. The winner will also receive a Willy Wonka inspired prize package which includes a $5 million cash prize as well as ownership of David Klein’s candy factories.
A ‘Golden Ticket Scavenger Hunt’ is a fun way to give out these prizes. It consists of hidden gold tickets, located in secret locations around the country. The last golden ticket is buried and can only be found with the help of necklaces resembling military dog tags, which will reveal clues leading to the ticket. The movie starring Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka was based on Roald Dahl’s famous book and so the clues may resemble some of those from the film. Each month, one winner will be chosen by brandishing the code found on their golden ticket and they will gain entrance to Charlie's Factory. This scavenger hunt is inspired by both Willy Wonka and Gene Wilder's iconic character from the movie and is sure to bring lots of excitement for participants in search for that last golden ticket!