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As a UNT student, you've got a lot on your plate.
The ASC at Sage Hall offers academic support services and free individual tutoring for students outside of the classroom in an accessible environment.
Hear from current UNT students about how the Keys to Succeed have improved their college experiences.

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Everett Pena

Everett Pena

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A recent study on student performance has shown that thinking skills and work habits contribute to student performance. The results of the study indicate the need to further explore the role of thinking skills for student success.
Attendance in a class is directly related to a student's performance, and attendance in a class is the result of student notes and teacher thinking. By focusing on critical thinking, taking notes - and presence, students and teachers can optimize classroom success.
If teachers want to be effective and help students reach their full potential, they need to look beyond the classroom to the world around them, not just in their own classrooms.
Hall and Simeral will help show teachers that self-reflection is key. Teaching, reflection and learning will not only help guide teachers through the reflective process, but will also help them to grow as teachers. With quick self-assessments, the book works with teachers on their own individual level and gives practical strategies and approaches to help them become more reflective and effective in the classroom and as teachers.
Peer Mentors work individually and collectively to help freshmen make a positive transition to UMass Amherst and create an inclusive, academic-oriented community.
The mission of the First Year Experience program is to help first-year students make a smooth transition to UMass Amherst, support a smooth transition, improve student success and satisfaction throughout their residential experience, and foster a sense of connectedness and pride in the university community. To fulfil this mission, the coordinators are leading a comprehensive program that will meet the needs of all students, not just those in their first year. The student success coordinator is a member of a team of mentors, faculty, staff, students and administrators dedicated to connecting first-semester students with academic resources on and off campus.
The university's Career Center, located on the garden level of Tykeson Hall, has also added a staff of career preparation coaches who coordinate with academic advisors and specialize in flight routes to help students prepare for their careers seamlessly. Career readiness coach Colleen McCarthy said: "Connecting students to the services of the student centre will allow students to get more work - ready in their first year of college. A full-time University of Oregon student who holds a bachelor's degree in business, business administration or computer science has earned at least 50 percent of his or her degree in this area. He or she declared himself or herself upon entering university.
The Department of Student Life has put together a few tips and tricks to reduce your stress levels while preparing for UMF. If you have your roommate assigned, we recommend that you refrain from looking at your intended roommate on social media. A positive roommate relationship can require balance, respect and consideration.
If you are frightened at the thought of unpleasant conversations or networking events, take comfort in the fact that there are many different ways to network today. If you are afraid of being "scared" by the thought of an awkward conversation or networking event, networking is one of the most valuable things to own. Therefore, as a courageous businesswoman argued, you should consider networking as something beautiful, no matter what role you play. The founding member of WITI, Women in Technology International, learned a valuable lesson when she pointed out that she could not eat her lunch at her desk because she missed opportunities to build relationships and networks during her career.
Now anyone you want to connect to is available at any time of day, anywhere in the world, anywhere, and for any amount of money, from anywhere.
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Learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of your current communication and feedback strategies, as well as the benefits and risks of different communication strategies for your company.
What are the key success factors to evaluate for the success of managing your travel program? Listen to business travelers share their thoughts on how to monitor the success of their programs and assess their completeness. Given the growing importance of travel as a key component of business travel, what are some key "success factors" for assessing the success of managing travel programs? Think BTN and register now for Deem, sponsored by the International Association of Travel Agents and the American Travel Association .
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