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Republic Services will pick up your yard waste at the end of every week that they pick up your yard waste. Participating in the citys recycling and yard waste programs helps to curb your waste.
To make sure materials are collected, be sure you are following your recycling, single-stream trash, and yard materials rules. Do not put leaves or yard debris in trash bags or with recycling. You are encouraged to recycle to save landfill space and ensure that your trash fits into your curbside bin. Extra cardboard that does not fit in the blue recycling bins may be brought to a community collection center recycling container for curbside pickup.
Large aluminum foil tray meals and pie boxes, which are clean from food residue, may also be recycled with your blue bin. Clean and Empty Metal Containers Metal food containers, such as vegetable cans and dog/cat food jars, empty of food residue, can be recycled in your blue recycling bin. NEVER put broken glass containers into the blue recycling bin; this poses a safety hazard for employees at the recycling center.
On Collection Days when both the green household trash cart and recycling are set out, simply set the blue cart near your green cart, five feet apart. As is the case with all curbside bins, your green bin with your bulk items must be placed on your curbside by 4 PM on the day prior to your collection, and by 5 AM on your day of pickup. If you are moving to an existing home that has County-provided services, just start setting items out on the curb no later than 7 a.m. on the day of collection.
Carts that are placed for pickup should be removed from their pickup site no later than midnight on your designated collection day. Trash is collected by contractors once per week on a scheduled collection day. Bulk trash cans are placed on your curbside beginning at 3pm on the day prior to the scheduled collection day. In the case of holidays, trash and recycling pickups will be delayed by one day, with pickups occurring Friday.
Hillsborough County residential trash customers get curbside recycling service once per week. Residential properties of seven units or fewer in Concord and Penacook, NH, have curbside recycling and trash service.
In certain parts of Scottsdale, residential garbage collection is provided through shared 300-gallon containers placed in alleys. Dumpsters are placed outside apartment complexes to allow residents easy disposal of their trash and recyclables. Construction and demolition trash disposal is limited to three cubic yards, per customer, per day, in Trash and Recycling centers.
EGSD will pick up the trash and recycling containers when suspension begins, then will return them at the end, upon request by residential customers. A $40 fee will be charged for removing and returning trash and recycling containers when the request to suspend is made. A one-time $60 container fee, plus $3.60 sales tax, and a $4.50 additional monthly trash-disposal charge per additional green bin, is included in your LexServe bill.
If one rolling garbage cart is not enough, an additional garbage cart can be rented for $50. The maximum number of City-issued trash carts per residential dwelling or licensed business is two. Malden households are allotted one trash cart and one recycling cart, with residents having the ability to purchase additional carts. Customers are charged based on the volume of garbage collected, depending on the size of your trash cart.
Residents and businesses who have a municipal waste service are provided a Green Cart to curbside to curbside for curbside-bound trash. Worcester residents may recycle their home trash through our Pay-As-You-Throw yellow trash bag program. You can report strewn garbage, missed pickups, or new curbside recycling services for people with disabilities using our online form.
If you are ready to learn more about how Rumpke can help you manage your trash and recycling more efficiently, contact us today. We employ the most innovative and responsible practices in all of our offerings, which means that we can be your answer for residential waste and recycling needs, whatever they may be. Rumpke provides a full spectrum of residential waste collection services, and we are capable of handling the garbage disposal and recycling needs for your household. Rates may vary depending on waste service requests, but we offer competitive rates and are happy to help you set up your own schedule for reliable, weekly garbage collection.
If you missed the trash pickup and you have too much trash to wait until your next pickup day, your neighborhood has other options for garbage collection. The first option is to bring your trash to a local landfill or recycling center.
Control your waste disposal costs by recycling more and taking less room in your Payt Bag. By reducing the size of your bins, you will save money and keep trash out of the landfill.
It is only fair that when you recycle and keep your trash out, you get the benefit of lower trash bills. When you succeed in curbing your garbage, you should not expect to pay nearly as much as the next-door neighbor, who has his or her garbage bins filling up every week with additional bags of garbage.
For safety, keep children out of your garbage containers and from collection trucks. Do not use your garbage containers for soil, concrete, construction materials, large rolls of carpet, hazardous or toxic waste, animal waste that has not been wrapped, large items like furniture, water heaters, etc. You may also place your trash in heavy-duty, opaque, black plastic bags, like Yard Waste Bags.
Plastic bags can be reused for other purposes around the house, recycled at the local grocery store, or placed into the gray bin. Purple Pay-As-You-Throw garbage bags should be used if you have curbside pickup. Please do not put items out with your bins, as these cannot be collected.
On Collection Day, we request you not to place your car at the curb, to allow trucks to approach your Cart with ease. The 3-1-1 Public Works call center can help with your trash container.