Eps 1552: Who is paying for all the free stuff?

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Of course, government freebies are not free, and Senator Sanders has provided details about the massive tax bill that he would collect in order to pay for lots of freebies. As promised, the proposal he has laid out would make the wealthy foot the bill for all of everyones free stuff. In the case of his plans to make college tuition free, and Medicare universal, fully three-quarters of costs would be covered only by the top 20% income-earners.
The highest income quintile would see its taxes rise an average $44,759, much more than the cost of free college tuition and health coverage could ever possibly be. $8 sounds like a lot of money, though in fairness, one would have to receive free tuition at a state-run community college and health insurance in return for these new taxes. Surprisingly, as shown in the chart below, the richest 1 percenters are going to #FeelTheBern, since they are bearing nearly 44 percent of the cost to pay for making college free and providing health care for all.
These folks are not likely to gain a lot, in the sense of getting more for less, but they also might not lose a lot. They are getting all sorts of things free because they wrote the tax laws and slashed regulations on the environment; hedge fund managers pay lower taxes than plumbers.
When it comes to saving money on things that you want and need, there is no beating getting it for free. Knowing where to get things for free really can be a great way to save some serious cash. By building up a freebie stash, both for yourself and others, you will be able to take advantage of the free stuff and save money.
From free baby items to computers, you may be able to score a few freebies as long as your household qualifies as a low-income household. This list has covered many of the specific freebie offers, but really, there is no limit on what you can find free. It is up to you to go through the different freebie sites and figure out which ones are the best fit and will help you to grab as many free things as possible without taking an excessive amount of your time. I have even found freebie sites that did not really share how to get free samples.
I spent lots of time searching online to find the best freebies, and this page is a compilation of 50 things that you can get free. In this post, I am going to help you create a mental frame for understanding and distinguishing between different types of free products and services that you will find on the internet. This post offers 200 companies, and you will not have to meet any qualification requirements or criteria, as you would have to do for a lot of the public freebies. Freebies.org is appealing, user-friendly, and makes getting free stuff really simple.
Like the other sites, Freebies.org actually states that if you join their email list, you get access to even more free stuff. Along with sharing information on free samples, Freebies.org shares products offered at absurdly large cost savings. Along with basics such as beauty, baby, and pet samples, Just Free Stuff shares details about getting free samples or products for education products, games, eBooks, clothing, and more. Fake grant offers tell you that the government is sitting on millions of dollars just waiting for you to use on things like college tuition, starting a business, making home repairs, or paying bills.
There are plenty of offers of cash out there in the form of free grants from the government, but watch out: These offers could be fraudulent. There are many different ways to receive free money, and you can check Vital Dollars free money page to find a list of surprising offers. In addition to free things, such as education resources and formulas, the government actually offers free money to individuals who qualify. If you are, then you and your family may be eligible to receive many benefits from the government, including free stuff.
You could save money and time using the resources that the government has available to you, from scholarships to products. When you have got a need, and are not sure an installment loan or other financing option will be of any use, you think about what free things the government has waiting for you.
There are a pretty good amount of free things that you can get from the government. The governments free goodies are much broader than those benefits disdained by these politicians, and are enthusiastically accepted by people of all races and income levels. If a majority of Americans are wrongly convinced that they are not getting the governments free stuff, however, then they are reluctant to extend it to the people who are thinking that they are getting it instead.
You pay taxes so that government can prop up citizens like you. Instead of paying someone to prepare your taxes for you, you can receive that service for free from the government.
Given the way the Internet works, there is always somebody out there offering something for free that you are looking for. Most things on the web seem to be free, some are truly free, some are free for only just long enough to get you hooked, others, however, you are paying with much more than just cash. Maybe you are already living frugally off of one income, maybe you are even saving as much as 70% off of your grocery bill, but getting things for free is always good if you are really crazy.
In many cases, you have to buy a drink or other items in order to get the free thing, but it is still probably a great deal. Many stores and brands offer free stuff, buy-one-get-one-free deals, or free gifts with purchase. Craigslist, Nextdoor, and Facebook groups are good resources for finding free goods and services.