Eps 1: Whats the Best Toys for Your Puppy

Whats the Best Toys for Your Puppy

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If you are like many new puppy parents, you are looking for the best toys for puppies. There is truly a toy out there for every type of dog, from puppyhood through to his golden years.
The kind of toy your dog would prefer would greatly depend on his breed, temper, and habits. Different dogs will generally prefer certain toys, but those overall guidelines may change when considering puppies. What is fun for one dog might be uninteresting to another; and, importantly, some types of toys might be unsafe for certain dogs .
In fact, there are critical differences when it comes to what toys are best for your dog. Just like with the best dog toys, there are a plethora of pup toys out there, and oftentimes, finding just the right one to fit your furkid is difficult. With a little research, you can find a dog toy your pup will enjoy playing with. Whether you are a first-time dog owner or you have had several pets throughout your life, this puppy toy list is going to be a huge help to the way your dog plays.
There are chew toys, soft toys, toys with squeakers, and lots of different textures that will provide a fun experience no matter what your dog chooses. That is not to say plush toys are out of the question, just look for ones specifically made for dogs, such as this lovely Alpaca Chew Toy. For an entertaining, sturdy toy designed to keep baby teeth in place, try the small chew toys from KONG. The Kong teething stick is an absolute necessity for any pet parent who wants to help soothe a pups aching gums.
The Kong Teething Stick is carefully designed with teething grooves made from sturdy rubber that will help to cleanse the teeth of your pup. The KONG Puppy Dog Toy is made from natural rubber, which is gentler than its adult counterpart, helping the puppy chew through all 28 teeth. If you are looking for a toy that also doubles as an appetiser, look no further than the KONG Puppy Dog Toy.
The KONG Puppy dog toy is also available in different sizes, so that it will fit your pups at his or her current age. The Puppy KONG dog toy comes complete with soft, natural rubber that is specially designed to work through all of the puppys teething. The BUIBIIU Dog/Puppy teething toys are kind of like the puppy toy starter kit, it has everything you will need for a super reasonably priced.
The mammoth cottonblend skeins are also available in multiple sizes than any other skein toy, offering something for every dog. If your dog loves rope toys, it is a great choice that is inexpensive as well.
For tug-of-war games with your pup, Puppy Goodie Bone is an awesome toy that is efficient and easy on your pup. This toy is perfect for older dogs and for teething puppies, meaning that it is gentle on the gums, pliable on the touch, and is easy to grab and chew.
You can add peanut butter, dog treats, or dog food kibble to a puppy activity ball to make it more appealing. Simply stuff in a dry dog food favorite treat or some kibble, and your dog is bound to get excited about this interactive, food-dispensing toy. The toy comes in sizes of 3 and 4 inches, and as your dog becomes more adept at getting treats, you can regulate the level of difficulty.
Dogs have all have different personalities and levels of activity, so you will need to understand your pups individual needs in order to find a toy that best suits him. During the pups fast-development time, which is between 2 months old and 10 months, it is important that you get them the right toys, and both your dogs breed and personality may play a part in which toys may be a favorite for your pup. Whether you are helping your puppy through teething, teaching good behaviors, or simply enjoying some playtime, quality toys that are appropriate for their age and size are as important for a dogs development as training and exercise.
Toys help change poor behaviors, engage your dogs mind, keep them mentally engaged, and give an appropriate outlet for dogs who are inclined to chew. When it comes to younger dogs, you want toys that are both rewarding and gentle on their tiny mouths. Not only can the best toys for puppies offer fun and enrichment, the right toys may also ease teething discomfort and pain.
Their puppy tried-and-true favorites are toys our dogs really went nuts over, and return to over and over. These toys survived fierce play, endured unending chew sessions, and provided hours of entertainment every day for the dogs--we even got three votes for the extremely popular ChuckIt. As every dog parent knows, trying to choose the perfect dog toy can get a bit overwhelming.
To really get a sense of the fun a U.S.-made Kong filler toy can give your dog, filler is best used. Schuetzner recommends Kongs Wubba because of the tassels for dogs to grasp, as well as an added squeak for engaging the dog. What we liked best about their classic toys is the hollow hole at the center for placing treats in and keeping your energetic puppy engaged for hours.
These dog chew toys are made from real wood and sturdy materials, which emulate the branches dogs like to chew on, without the chipping risks that come from actual branches. Our favorite puppy chew toy is Nylabones Power Chew Flavor Durable Chew Toy, which mixes several different texture surfaces with the bacon-flavored taste. Many users praised the Nylabone Chicken Flavored Puppy Chews durability, and some reported dogs that typically dislike chew toys enjoyed this one.