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In this weekly podcast you'll get a chat with IT professionals who also like technology, but it's all about technology. Wired UK is a great, well-polished tech podcast if you're looking for something more serious than the usual tech talk shows, and tech is one of the most popular topics on the British tech scene.
There's also an imaginative and thoughtful - provocative podcast produced in the country, and Engadget's hour-long podcast will satisfy your craving for news, especially if you're into tablets, phones and other portable tech . The Verge's two podcasts may have something to your taste, whether it's general technology, culture or mobile.
Why you should listen: If you are a great Jew and know Israel, you will appreciate this new addition. Jewish Lives Podcast is a monthly program that explores the lives of influential Jews and is available for free on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher. Why should I listen to this: Jewish Life Podcast, a weekly podcast focusing on Israel and the Middle East.
Why listen: the definition of "technology" is pretty broad here, but wouldn't you? In this nearly one-hour podcast, you'll learn everything from remote-controlled cars to in-car remote controls. Each episode provides a detailed insight into the problems SMEs face, and technical experts will talk in depth to keep you informed. Why you shouldn't listen to this: Jewish Life Podcast, a weekly podcast about Israel and the Middle East.
Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely certainly know their stuff, and they're really funny, as the podcast's crew seems to think they're hilarious. Why not listen: This independent podcast has been around since 2011, so you should tune in for a weekly podcast from a team outside the magazine. This podcast behaves like a podcast with three presenters, but it's really about what it's like to be naked and anxious. Adventurers long to learn more about the world around them, from the history of technology to what lies behind it.
If you don't want to get caught up in the banter, but want technology news from a "British" perspective, then check it out here. It's sexy and geeky, which is why it's one of the most popular podcasts in the UK and a good choice for long car journeys.
Why you should listen: If you are a parent, grandparent or graduate of Birthright Israel, you have probably forgotten about Israeli life and culture. The aim is to find characters, stories, themes and comics that are explicitly devoted to "Jewish" content. Go on a journey through the stories of Jewish people who led hundreds of young Jewish professionals on a journey to Israel.
The Week in Tech family, I prefer this podcast because of its focus on tech, technology news, and tech culture. Tekzilla is the best there is - a comprehensive podcast that hosts everything from the latest news and technology trends to technology and business news.
You don't have to be a tech professional to love this technology - the podcast next door has been running since 2014. The show also gives you access to the well-established TWIT podcast network, which produces over two dozen tech programs. If you are fascinated by the latest tech news, technology trends and technology culture, ATP is the podcast for you.
To follow the action, subscribe to the podcasting service and the first two episodes are available wherever you listen regularly. If you want to watch more TED talks, iTunes has a wide selection of the most interesting and interesting talks of the last few years. The first 60 days are free with the code pinna4kid now and it's fantastic.
The biggest plus of podcasts is that they are a real democratization of the storytelling space: you can create one and listen to it in your browser. Most podcasts are available, but it's a pity that not many episodes are available yet, because they are podcasts. You can listen to your favorite podcast in your browser, listen on your phone or tablet, or even listen at work.
Why listen: Revision 3 of Tekzilla RSS is one of the best produced video podcasts ever. The podcast covers a wide range of Mac-related topics, from Mac OS X to MacOS X, and covers topics like how to best use them and why you should listen to them. This podcast is a great opportunity to discuss the latest technological developments and delve into the history of innovation. It also focuses on the current state of the art and its impact on our lives and on the future of technology.
What to watch out for: The following podcasts are some of my favorite comments I find in the coming-out and under - the - radar - flying gems. Every hour - a long episode is brimming with knowledge, and they begin with a brief overview of the topic they are discussing before they begin to discuss a topic. The website for this podcast, Research Events, provides information about events such as concerts, events and events in the tech industry. Why listen? Although the podcast only lasts about 30 minutes, presenters Nate Lanxon and Olivia Solon will bring you breaking news from around the world as well as interviews with industry experts.