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Eps 13: What Oprah Can Teach You About Hole

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4. "The single most important lesson I learned in 25 years talking every single day to people, was that there's a common denominator in our human experience.
The common denominator I found in every single interview is we want to be validated.
Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.'

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Theresa Barnes

Theresa Barnes

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So here's the key: when you're down in the hole, when the moment comes, it's really okay to feel bad for a while. It gives you time to grieve for what you may have lost, but when it happens, remember that if you want to know, there is no such thing as failure. We learn from our mistakes, because experiences and encounters, especially mistakes, are there to teach us, to force us to be more of who we are.
The key to life is to develop an inner moral and emotional "GPS" that can tell you which way to go. The key to your life, I think, is to develop an "internal" or "moral" and "emotional" GPS, or s - GPS, that can tell you how you are going, and that's it.
When you inevitably stumble and find yourself in a hole, that's the story you forget, and that's what you get. You want to make the most of your humanity by using all your energy to raise your family and the people around you.
Behind Oprah's message is a deep, universal desire that drives most of our actions. We see ourselves as we really are, and that is what underpins their message.
Oprah has continued that tradition with her partnership with Apple, the world's largest manufacturer of Apple products. To kick off the partnership, which officially began on November 1, Oprah chose Coates' debut novel Water Dancer, which follows the story of a man born into American slavery and discovers a miraculous superpower, as the title of her new book. Oprah also used her platform to promote Morrison by offering viewers a writer whose path is adorned with stories of working mothers who didn't start writing seriously until their 30s.
When it was revealed last year that Oprah had struck a deal with Apple for undisclosed sums, it would have been easy to write it off, as the mogul teamed up with the tech giant to do evil. When Oprah gave the world her favourite treat in '96, it seemed to be just another treat.
America's cultural landscape is littered with black women who have shaped film and music, from 20th-century greats like Oprah and her husband Josephine Baker to their children and grandchildren. You could say that Oprah wasn't the first black woman to do these things, but she's an important picture. A black woman who was born into poverty in Mississippi and almost single-handedly dictated what happened to the practice of influencing white households, buying into the practice, and also advancing mass culture.
After giving birth to a baby who died while still in the womb, Oprah was determined to turn her life around and make something of herself. She started at 19 and moved in with her father, who lived in Nashville, earning a living. Oprah's life went on to flourish, with a successful career as a television presenter, author, actress, singer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and activist.
Her success was evident to individuals around the world when she hosted a successful television show called "People Are Talking" and her own morning show called "A.M. Chicago." The Oprah Winfrey Show first aired nationally in 1986, and while hosting it, she wanted to challenge norms and reverse her lifestyle.
She dominated the day - the TV ratings until they went off the air in 2011 - and again her decision to go her own way paid off. What awaits Winfrey next is a different kind of show that focuses on broader issues like health, politics and spirituality.
The key to life is to develop an inner moral and emotional GPS that can tell you which way to go. You want to choose your path as rationally as possible, so analyze the data, create a weighted chart of positives and negatives, and make the right choice.
The challenge in life must be to create a resume that tells you not only who you want to be, but also why. When you inevitably stumble and find yourself in a hole, you're not just telling a story about yourself and what you're going to get out of it - you've got to figure it out.
If you want to harness your humanity by using your energy to lift your family and people, you will make a difference in the world. If you have only one goal, the fulfillment of your dreams of success and happiness - not only for yourself, but also for others - then you will find true success, happiness, no matter what challenges you face or whom you encounter. You will be successful, happy and make all the differences in this world for the right reasons, not the wrong ones.
If you make mistakes all the time and are not able to achieve what you want, do not forget to mention how you can recover from the experience, how you think about it and what you have learned along the way. I suggest you explore the essence of life and the world in general, what we learn about ourselves and others, and what we learn from others. Every time you make a mistake and are unable or unable to achieve what you wanted, you learn. The experiences you encounter, especially mistakes, are there to teach you, to force you to be more than you are.