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What Makes You Beautiful is considered One Directions signature song, and is the track that most people associate One Direction with. What Makes You Beautiful has a melody and guitar riff similar to Greases Summer Nights, while the guitar riff is also similar to The Beatles Twist and Shout.
A nice choice that conveys a great message on the true meaning of beauty. This 2008 country song features a narrator speaking to girls and women in different stages of life that need to hear the message that they are beautiful. Girls and women in different stages of life that need to hear the message that they are beautiful.
The girls in this 2012 song focus on negatives, but the narrator appreciates how all these things come together to make her uniquely beautiful. The narrator of this 2004 pop song knows there is something exceptionally good about the beauty of her girlfriend. In " Knock Me Off My Feet," Talevskis jaw drops on the floor at her beauty, struggling for words to describe just how precious fading love is in her eyes.
He describes how beautifully he loves the girl, begging her to change nothing. While Talevskis sung hypnotically, A falling love does not know how wonderful you are, during the songs bridge, it is clear this song is anything but romantic. Lyrically, the song is about a guy trying to raise the self-esteem of his partner by declaring his love for them. The song is about a girl being attractive, but she does not believe this herself, and consequently feels unsafe being complimented by the same girl, which is appealing to her.
I wanna make out with her partner, cause I cannot think of any other way to express fully how beautiful she is. My Queen is away, but you wanted to remind her of how wonderful she is to you. The sweetness comes through in your looks, your beauty makes me love you even more. I would like to say to my Queen, You are beautiful, that she would see you as such.
I could hear you, I could hear your beautiful soul, though my eyes were not open. Every time I see My Queen, it is as though I am looking at the fairest angel on Earth. Just wanted to tell you that Your beauty drives me insane, I cannot help but stare. My Queens imperfections are actually what makes you so much more beautiful than you already are.
Your courage, goodness, and innocence are what makes you so wonderful. Various things such as these wonderful eyes of yours, my Queens nose, your lips, your body, all of these things account for your beauty. Your beauty inside is much more important than what people see on the outside. Even Aphrodite is a pale imitation of your beauty, and you are a millionth.
You are beautiful because you claim to be, you keep it like that. Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than believing that she is beautiful. No matter how unexceptional a woman is, she is going to be beautiful as long as she has truth and integrity written all over her face.
You, my dear Flavor, are one fine lady, and you are spreading the beauty with your wonderful articles. In my eyes, you are the nicest, sweetest woman in the entire world. You have got your makeup done, just to say, I am guessing, that you are not aware, that you are beautiful.
In the US, What Makes You Beautiful became the highest Hot 100 debut by an English artist since 1998. What Makes You Beautiful performed significantly well globally, but particularly in the British Isles, debuting at No.1 on the Irish Singles Chart on September 15, 2011; its B-side, Na Na Na, also entered at No.27. The B-side of the single, Na Na Na?, also entered at number 27 on the Irish Singles Chart.
On 1 March 2012, the single debuted on Billboards Hot 100 chart at number 28, while it debuted at number 12 on Hot Digital Songs, selling 132,000 digital downloads in its first week. It debuted at number one on the UK Singles Chart, having set a pre-order record for Sony Music Entertainment, selling 153,965 copies in its first week.
In the UK, What Makes You Beautiful received the highest pre-orders for a Sony Music Entertainment single. As a result, What Makes You Beautiful sold over 131,000 copies in its first week, although it has not been played on the radio. The single debuted on the Canadian Hot 100 chart at number nine, and also debuted at number two on Canadas Hot Digital Songs Chart, selling 19,000 downloads, marking the biggest debut by a charting first-time artist since Stereoss Summer Girl debuted at number two in June 2009.
After recording the song in Cosmos Studios and Kinglet Studios in Stockholm, Sweden, the band felt relief that they had a song that they were excited to release as their debut single. In Italy, the band performed the song on 14 February 2012, at the 2012 Sanremo Festival.
Each teaser showed video and behind-the-scenes footage, with one of the One Direction members announcing the number of days before premiere. On each of the five days leading up to the videos premiere, One Direction posted an announcement teaser on YouTube about the video.