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Yia Yia's House of Gyros, we are looking for an enthusiastic person to join our front-of-house team. We are looking for a Head Server, Waiter and Waitress who will be an integral part of our team!
Waiters and waitresses, also called waitresses, are responsible for ensuring that the guests have a satisfactory culinary experience. They take orders and serve food and drinks to customers in a restaurant. Waitresses, better known as servers, are the public face of the restaurant and their primary responsibility is to ensure that the customer enjoys a satisfying and satisfying meal in their restaurant.
Welcome tables, water and possibly cocktails, verification of the age of possible underage drinkers and verification of the age of possible underage drinkers. Lunch breaks start at 11.30 or 12. M., depending on when the restaurant is normally full for lunch.
The servers help to finish their section by making sure that the bus station is stocked, the tables are cleaned and set up and everything is ready for customers. Take orders and serve food and drinks to guests at tables throughout the restaurant.
Check in with customers to make sure they enjoy their food and take action to fix problems. In the bars where alcohol is served, waiters check the age of customers and ensure that they meet the legal requirements for buying alcohol. Check the guest ID cards at the door and in the bar area to ensure that the guest is at least 18 years old when buying and consuming alcoholic beverages. Check-in before and after meals to ensure that customers meet all legal requirements to purchase alcohol and verify the identification of guests.
Waitresses are on their feet most of the time, often carrying heavy trays of food, dishes and drinks.
In busy times, there can be pressure to serve customers quickly and efficiently. Waitresses must listen carefully to customer requests, ask questions and pass on information to kitchen staff so that orders are prepared to the satisfaction of customers. You need to be able to work well with your team and kitchen staff to ensure that customers get a quick service.
You need to be able to remember the details of the orders and tailor the food and drink orders to the right customer. You should be friendly and polite and be able to build a relationship with customers, and you should not only be polite but also respectful and respectful.
Waitresses must be able to lift and carry trays and materials that can weigh up to 50 pounds, as well as large quantities of food.
Prepare the table for the meal, including furnishing items such as linen, cutlery and glasses. Prepare food and drinks for guests and prepare specialties if necessary. Remove all plates and glasses from tables and counters and bring them to the kitchen for cleaning.
Support the host by calling the phone to take reservations and - who - go to order, greet and thank the guests. Flight attendants provide routine services to ensure the safety and comfort of the airline and passengers on board the aircraft.
At the end of the shift, the servers often take on side jobs related to cleaning their department or preparing the restaurant for the next day. The food service managers are responsible for the preparation and distribution of food and drink in restaurants and other facilities. A food or beverage dispenser and its associated staff perform a wide range of tasks in restaurants, bars, hotels and hotels.
Servers' earnings typically consist of a combination of customer wages and tips, and the combined tips and wages must be at least $7.25 an hour by 2019. Many restaurants only pay their employees the federal minimum wage, so employees must earn at least $30 a month in customer tips. The average wage for a full-time server in the US can be as little as $2.13 an hour, according to the National Restaurant Association.
Waitrose Day is a day when we should all take a moment to show our appreciation for those who work long hours and hard for the sake of their family, friends and colleagues.
Waitrose Waitrose Day was launched by Sirieix, the owner of Waitrose, one of Britain's most popular and Michelin-starred restaurants. Siriesix thinks it's high time to celebrate the maitre d "état D'or's - whether in a fine restaurant or a cocktail bar, he thinks.
Whether you're a waiter or a waitress, this is the perfect day to take a break from work and just treat yourself to something. The food industry is a growth industry, and new restaurants and job opportunities are emerging every day. Working as a waiter is a great way to start a career in the food industry and start your own restaurant, cocktail bar, bar or cocktail restaurant.
Whether a waiter or waitress, appearance is important in the food industry. Waiters in restaurants perform functions that most of us are familiar with, such as serving, serving and serving.