Eps 2: Virtual YouTubers : Connecting the world with virtual power

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A self-proclaimed super-intelligent AI from the world of video games joins the Nendoroids! A self-proclaimed "Super-Intelligent AI" and the creator of the popular video game series "Virtual Power" joins us all as nendos! An AI that has been proclaimed as "super elastic AI" unites us all as "Nendoroid!
The creators of the popular video game series "Virtual Power" from the world of video games are collectively called "Nendoroids!
Kizuna Ai, the first entertainer to use the term "virtual YouTuber," began creating content on YouTube in late 2016. It soon sparked a VTB trend in Japan, which was encouraged by other specialised agencies. Activ8, the company that discovered this, set a new movement in motion and coined the new term "Virtual tubers." Kizune Ai describes himself as a smart and intelligent artificial intelligence that shares his thoughts and opinions with the world.
Numerous other "virtual YouTubers" who came to Ai-chan have now followed in his footsteps and created web video vlogs. There are other "virtual YouTubers," such as Kizuna AI, which also appears on YouTube and is believed to be contributing to its rising popularity. Let's play game videos and sing "and numerous other videos on his YouTube channel and blog.
At the time of writing, his ranking had exceeded 1,000 and he had already registered his ranking. The most popular VTuber on this list would have to be Ai-chan himself, but the virtual YouTuber shown in the image below is the "virtual boss" of the four kings of the sky, Itbe the great virtual "YouTubers" so popular that they are called. In Context of Virtual Youtuberers , "is a series of humorous fan clips - translated clips that spread the word about virtual power and its impact on the world of virtual reality.
The four heavenly kings, made up of virtual youtubers who meet the great ones shortly after testing their formula, have had a tremendous impact on the world of virtual reality and virtual power in general.
Virtual celebrities post videos on video streaming sites such as YouTube, which present themselves as avatars, 3D or 2D graphics. They are digitally animated characters who can play any role a human celebrity can fill, from appearing in a concert to throwing products.
In the virtual locker room, an application is used in which a virtual one is active, and one tries to create an avatar and send it to his specification. You can save multiple virtual objects and also create personal 3D animated characters, or you can create a 3D model of a humanoid avatar. The 3D Avatar Creator is responsible for creating the avatar so that he can upload a figure that represents you.
Second Life is a virtual world where users can communicate, communicate and chat with other people in the world via voice and text. Second Life was the first virtual reality game where users could communicate, network and chat with each other in an online world, where they could connect, connect and chat through voices and texts. Firstly, a virtual universe, and it is the only one in which users can create and communicate with one another using virtual devices in an online world.
IMVU is a 3D Avatar Social App that allows users to explore the thousands of virtual worlds of Metaverse, create and enjoy 3D avatars, meet and meet people from all over the world in a virtual environment and spread the power of friendship. IMV U is the third generation of a three-dimensional social reality app and the first of its kind in the USA. The ratio between virtual and physical worlds is 1: 1, and the ratio between virtual avatars is 4: 2.
Enjoy the experience of total immersion in a 3D world with lavish high quality videos by some of the world's most popular video artists. You can watch and watch in real time, in the real world, with the same level of detail and attention to detail as in your real life.
Youtuber ProjectJamesify is a channel that provides virtual reality content on the HTC Vive. On this channel you will find a wide range of virtual reality content from the most popular artists in the world. Virtual YouTuber includes not only YouTube, but also SNS, and so you may not be able to fully capture this activity by simply browsing YouTube. Twitter, Instagram and VR chatrooms have also expanded the place of these activities beyond communication tools like YouTube into a place for them.
Kizuna Ai, considered the world's first virtual YouTuber, has created a form in which hundreds of other virtual WeTubers have embedded themselves. Although many of the imitators have since disappeared, she remains popular and even takes a moment to talk in the midst of a devastating episode about how much she loves her family, friends and virtual reality experience. While most of the virtual youTubes are from Japan, there is another Indonesian, Maya Putri, who is also making waves in virtual space. Remember that most V-Tubers do not speak English well, this is a Virtual Youtuber for example.