Eps 170: turn him loose


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Tracy Bryant

Tracy Bryant

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Maybe even allow Romo to have one play in that one. Not sure about any of this, but I know no player deserves to be leading this team more than Tony Romo. The man is 29-14 as the starting quarterback, and has finished his first three seasons as the starter with quarterback ratings in the low 90s. Look, everybody has an opinion about why he is not playing as well or just that the Cowboys are not winning enough games.
Certainly, he needs to become more aware of making mistakes in crucial situations, knowing when to turn the ball over, when to take the sack. Instead, he is pushing for a more aggressive approach, one that pushes Daniel Jones out onto the field and running with the ball, not shying away or worrying about making mistakes. Rookie QB Mack Jones has had to carry far too much of the offensive load in his five games.
While Daniels has dressed for all three games and traveled, Daniels has yet to get the snap of any kind for Georgia. Daniels started every game in which he played for Southern Cal, 11 games as a 17-year-old freshman and one this past season.
His contract may not be that flexible, meaning for now, Nate Diaz has to do some work with the UFC. Meanwhile, the UFC wants to re-sign Nate Diaz to a new deal, and it could delay negotiations until this piece of business is done.
If Stephenson can keep his hands on the ball, he can be a really helpful piece to New Englands offense this season. Like I said, the 49ers turned loose LB Ahmad Brooks, who is doing very well. Joseph was never going to documents which would make him legal.