Top 10 Saddest Burger King Toys Ever


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Eps 6: Top 10 Saddest Burger King Toys Ever


The podcast lists the top 10 saddest Burger King toys, beginning with an uninspiring plastic Frisbee that wouldn’t fly straight, followed by a set of flimsy SpongeBob SquarePants figurines that couldn't stand up. Third on the list was a mini Rubik's cube that was too stiff to move. The fourth spot went to a series of generic, unpainted action figures that lacked any recognizable characters. Fifth, they mentioned a miniature golf set with cheap, breakable components. The sixth toy was a series of poorly designed, generic animal figurines. The seventh place was given to a poorly made yo-yo that wouldn’t even roll back up. Eighth, a set of plastic bracelets that snapped too easily. Ninth was a set of clunky and unattractive keychains that no one wanted. Lastly, the tenth spot was taken by a flimsy cardboard game that fell apart almost immediately.

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Ernest Price

Ernest Price

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Today, we're diving deep into the vault of fast food nostalgia to uncover the top 10 saddest Burger King toys ever released. These toys, intended to spread joy, missed the mark in the most spectacular, cringe-worthy ways. Let's start with number 10: the "Pokémon Golden Cards." These trading card replicas, designed to cash in on the Pokémon craze of the late '90s, were bulky, heavy, and ultimately just a hunk of metal that lacked any practical value for fans or collectors. Next up, at number 9, is the "Chicken Run Figures." These toys were meant to reflect the quirky charm of the film, but instead, they ended up as stiff, awkwardly posed plastic lumps that looked more like horror movie extras than beloved characters.

Moving down to number 8, we find the "American Idol Karaoke Microphones," which produced tinny, barely audible sound. These toys came at a time when kids dreamed of being pop stars, but the reality was more disappointing than any critique from Simon Cowell. Number 7 brings us the "Spider-Man Web Shooters," a toy promising action-packed fun but delivering flimsy bands that snapped after a few uses, leaving Spidey fans heartbroken. At number 6, the "Teletubbies Collectibles" enter the scene. These blobs of plastic, despite their bright colors, seemed more like something from a nightmare than a popular children's show.

Halfway through, at number 5, we have the "Scooby-Doo Mystery Pals," which were essentially poorly painted, rubbery figures that couldn’t even stand on their own. Number 4 is the "Simpsons Radioactive Man Goggles." Instead of making kids feel like superheroes, these oversized, uncomfortable goggles were more like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Sliding in at number 3, the "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Disks," which were a toy version of the show's iconic accessory but ended up as awkward, oversized pieces of plastic that were impossible to wear for any extended period.

At number 2 is the "Burger King Herald Kazoos." These kazoos were supposed to deliver musical delight but ended up producing more spit than sound, leaving kids frustrated and parents slightly grossed out. Finally, the absolute saddest Burger King toy of all time comes in at number 1: the "Shrek Watches." These bulky, grotesque watches featured a distorted Shrek face that was neither accurate to the character nor wearable as a fashion statement. They were perhaps the epitome of everything a fast-food toy should avoid being: cheap, unattractive, and utterly useless.