Eps 7: The History Of The Kingdom Of Sapiro

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The realm of etheric power was defeated and led to the death of the etheric queen Avria, but it rose again from the ashes and the Four Herans planned against the Sang-gre, who had conquered their beloved kingdom for the second time. To save the present, the four traveled back in time with Lireo to ancient Enkantadia, finding the lost Sang'gre and destroying the Gintuang Orasan, Ethereria's powerful weapon, in an attempt to prevent them from dominating the empire. Alira and Naswen set off with the other surviving Sapiro soldiers while they moved to Lireso's allied kingdom of Sapiro.
When Alira arrived in the fallen kingdom of Sapiro, she wasted no time and began to share her knowledge of the ancient history of Encantadia and its history with Naswen. The three kingdoms were able to live in peace, but the day came when the Hathors, the inhabitants of the Hathoria, gave in to their greed and began to claim other gems to gain power and dominate the entire continent. Adhara was sent to Carcero by Vish'ka on his orders upon her return to Lireo and she began a revolution to imprison the Diwata and overthrow the kingdom of Lireso. Encantados followed the ether and founded a fifth kingdom of the Encantsadia called Etheria, which fell to the Sang'gre, who were eventually defeated, prompting the rest to unite with the kingdom of the Encantados.
The Jestoni then learned that they were next attacked by the Hathors, and then by the rest of the kingdom of Encantadia.
You will also find a warrior named Ybarro, who is later unmasked as the only surviving member of the missing unit, the Jestoni Prince Unites, destined to reawaken the glory of a fallen kingdom of Sapiro. You will also find the last surviving survivor of this group of warriors, who will later be revealed as the missing Prince Uniting, a unit of warriors - warriors from the kingdom of Enkantadia, destined to bring back all the glories of fallen kingdoms like Sapro.
After the fall of Sapiro, Ybrahim, king of Y brahim and Sapiryan, one of the surviving Sapiryan, was the royal family and Armeo's only heir. He was the sole heir of the fallen kingdom of Sapiro, who eventually inherited the crown and restored his kingdom to its powerful rule. With the marriage of Sabiro's true heir to the royal family and the birth of his son Ybarro as a united prince, Sapros "kingdom flourished and returned to Sapros" greatness.
It can also be assumed that Sapiro is the richest kingdom in Encantadia in terms of monetary wealth. The castle and fortress of Sapro is hidden in a secret vault that contains many other valuable artifacts that existed before the founder of Sapro. It is called the "Great Tower" or "Fortress of the Central Tower" because it is shortened by the Great Tower, the central tower of a fortress where the royal palace of Y brahim and his royal family is located. As for monetary wealth, SapIRO is believed to be the wealthiest of the four kingdoms. After the mortal world was shot in various locations in Manila, a warehouse was transformed into the Kingdom of Hathoria.
The land of Sapiro is blessed with precious metals and stones, probably quarries, which allowed the Sapiro to build their palaces and settlements. The northern kingdoms of SapIRO have lands blessed with precious metals and stones, and their strongholds with precious stones and earth.
Sapiro is known as a kingdom whose people are brave and exemplary in battle, since his last known king, Armeo, was also Ybarro's biological father. ArMeo himself was the son of a woman named Agatha, daughter of the chief of Mandirigma, a tribe of the Apitong. As an infant, he was adopted by the chiefs of Haring and Armeo as the fall of Sapiro. Many years have passed and history will unfold when Queen Mine chooses her successor from her daughter.
It is unknown when a king will have no heir, who will be the first-born son to be his next ruler, and whether a woman can rule the kingdom or not. The Monarch of Lireo then ruled the kingdoms and was commissioned to be the protector of the four gems. Bathalumang Haliya loved her dearly and fulfilled all her wishes, even entrusting her with the De'jar, the rich moon used to establish the kingdom.
As far as history is aware, the world of Encantadia has experienced four great wars, though there have been minor wars like the Sapiro - Hathoristic war that broke out and threatened the peace of the empire. As for the known history, if there was such a small war, there was only one big war, and not one.
For this reason, the story of the four kingdoms of Lireo revolves around the battle between Sapiro and the Hathoristic Empire, but also the war between the two great kingdoms of the world.