Eps 1202: The Hidden Mystery Behind Graveyard

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It's Halloween, so it seems appropriate to take a look at Lego's Hidden Side, the latest installment in the Lego Hidden Secret Side series. LegoHidden Side consists of nine sets that take us to a haunted house where ghostly things take place all over the world, from the darkest corners of the universe to the deepest depths of space.
The graveyard leads to the Shadow Temple, which is only for Night and Shadow . The cemetery also serves as one of the main attractions of Lego Hidden Secret Side and features a number of unique features, such as a haunted house and a secret entrance to a mysterious cemetery.
The only way to reach all levels in a single crypt is to cross - explore, which is optional, but one of the only ways to access.
If you look at the mission screen, you will see that you can find a treasure somewhere in GRAVEYARD. When you find the treasure, everything goes well until you dig down where you see the survival memory - like a symbol.
Graveyard Mystery Set # 70420, which will be released in the second half of 2019, is one of eight sets to be released as part of the first wave. Since the set itself looks more or less like a normal graveyard, you might wonder where the Hidden Side comes into play. Graveyards are regularly associated with ghosts and ghosts, so it seems appropriate that the "Hidden Side" should focus on such creepy characters. LEGO designers seem to have something for cemeteries this year, as our Rise of Voldemort review was released just before the 70520 Graveyard Mystery.
The Graveyard Mystery is, like most other Hidden Side Sets, a single build set, so it is available in a variety of different sizes and shapes. The hidden side of this set contains a number of new characters, as well as a few old ones, such as the Deathly Hallows and a few ghosts.
The central tomb is built with door frames to create a structure that, when opened, exposes a skeletal miniature figure and is the only tomb that can hide everything. One of the graves in the Eastern cemetery is hidden in a grotto, which is revealed when the tombstone is pulled back. The skeleton, which can jump out and scare anyone, is ingeniously used as an entrance to the cemetery and as a secret entrance to the Deathly Hallows.
It turns out that Lara followed the golden crosses to find the hidden crypt Isabela had been looking for. Link finds the ghost of Steam, who challenges him to race to the end of the grave in search of his mother's body.
You will see the highlights of the cemetery and also learn the secret stories behind the tombstones. We hope that the cemetery guide will inspire others to become tombstone tourists and enjoy the history and art that cemeteries have to offer. I love to do genealogy research in cenotaphs, find family graves, study the different types of graves to look for in a cemetery, enjoy the peaceful landscape and find ancient records in cemetery offices. You can learn more about what is happening in this guide by looking at the map below and a list of all the places you can visit in your local cemetery for more information.
Overall, # 70420 Graveyard Mystery is a great addition to the Hidden Side Set, which is fun as an app, but will also be great for fans who don't have the software-supported technology. The hidden side of the set, which is the accompanying app component, will be very useful for those interested in the history of cemeteries and their history. With Graveyard Mystery, most of our app experience revolves around the kit's instructions for interacting with both physical and digital spaces.
In this case, select "Mystery Cemetery" from a visual list of nine sets and a holographic variant of the set will appear on the screen. This is done by searching a series of changing and rotating functions, such as lifting a grave, rotating a statue on a monument, etc. The minifigures are excellent and I like the magnificent - even spooky looking trees.
The Treasure Island update removed this feature from the game, but talismans and artifacts can extend their lifespan - they are now continuously counted in images during puzzles and investigations. When you print it out on your phone, the figures appear and show two ghosts, which are presumably visible via the Hidden Side app. You will find gravestones, stones, angels and elements in motion, and I like all of those elements.
I don't know if it's a grave or a corpse, but I'm pretty sure it's both. In the Hollywood Hills, there is also a statue of Bob Hope, one of the most famous actors of all time.