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Eps 2: The best XC race MTB

Choosing the right MTB

The geometry is refreshingly modern, with a 69-degree head angle and 74-degree seat angle.
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Roger Marshall

Roger Marshall

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While most MTB pros ride with at least a few jerseys emblazoned with the stripes of past championship victories, it's time for an overhaul. Canyon sponsors some of the heavyweights when it comes to cyclo-cross, and with most of them riding streaks of past championships and victories adorning their jerseys, perhaps it was time for the Lux, a 100mm carbon hardtail with a powerful, race-oriented mountain bike. Following the lessons of the Exceed Carbon Hardtails, the new bike goes a step further and moves away from its predecessor towards a full-fledged cross-country bike with a pure carbon frame. The 100 mm Carbon Lux is a race-oriented, mountain bike-friendly, high-performance mountain bike.
He also raced to a silver at Cape Epic 2018 and bronze at the Tour de France last year, as well as a third place at the 2017 Tour of California.
The steep, smooth, nasty course looks like it fits perfectly with the steep, spindly bikes favored by the best XC riders in the world. Considering that Nino Schurter won with a position that is turned down to make most yogis squirt, the recipe holds up pretty well. Watching the boys, some of the best racers in the world, fight, I couldn't help but notice that they were struggling to get around the track.
Cross-country racers exist, so it is easy to prioritize and handle races on a hardtail for a short period of time. On average, hardtails are lighter than full-suspension bikes, and as the bike's components become lighter, testers tend to make the ride more pleasant. Pedaling a super-light, hard rear is much easier than pushing a heavy, full-suspension bicycle.
But direct power delivery is not the only trump card of the Scale 920, which has its fingers in the game even on the most technically demanding trails. Even taking into account the extra hustle and bustle on descents and technical passages, it often holds up against climbs and often brakes slightly more than its rivals.
Like the Mondraker XC Forward Geometry, the weight distribution of this bike is excellently balanced. The real calling card of the Chrono R is short - cornering on smooth tracks, but the rails spin against each other and you have to guess what the front tyre will do. It is not the most forgiving road bike in terms of handling or performance, and its real strength lies in the fact that it is so easy to spin.
Imagine our surprise when we discovered that the new Epic HT is not a pesky, neurotic road bike that needs your mind just to navigate straight trails. We have listed the subtleties of each category to give you an idea of how each is different and what would be the best mountain bike for you. To highlight the differences between the categories, we have provided Focus with a list of the ten best XC racing bikes in the world.
The bike has all-wheel drive with an input derailleur and a Deore-style rear axle for a more comfortable ride.
In developing the new Lux, Canyon sought to develop a more powerful full suspension bike that takes advantage of modern trail-inspired geometry. Our rolling stock test fleet will soon be equipped with a Maxxis proven rubber and a complete set of wheels as well as a pair of Shimano tires.
Sometimes, even on technical courses, the pros seem to prefer the long slacks the Exceed Hardtail got a few years ago. So Canyon wanted a full-suspension road bike that matches this confident feeling and can even keep up with repeated blows. We also wanted an identical fit and feel to the car's hardtails, so that racers could switch off as the circuit dictates, without getting that feeling again on another bike.
Enduro mountain bikes are in a way exaggerated trail bikes, but the considerations for an XC bike are somewhat different. Here's what we were looking for when we bought the Exceed Hardtail, a full suspension road bike with a trail-ready frame. This is a big consideration when thinking about a cross country bike, and it is also one of the biggest considerations when buying a road bike.
If you are looking for an efficient racing machine, a carbon fiber hardtail may be the right bike for you, but perhaps not for every bike.
Hardtails are great adventure bikes and continue to be attractive to riders because of the endless possibilities of how they can be built. You save a few hundred dollars more compared to full suspension and have a fun ripper to run around on your local trails. Hardtails are built with a wide range of suspension options and a variety of options, and they make for great adventure bikes.