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But the meteorological services of Zhengzhou city and Henan provinces issued 10 red warnings for extreme storms 18 hours before the flood. The notices were public and, in Zhengzhou at least, each notice included a recommendation for the local government to “take appropriate emergency measures,” including disrupting all meetings, classes, and business activities. The Chinese Meteorological Bureau instructed the alarm to prompt authorities to end gatherings, lessons and business activities - advice that the authorities in Zhengzhou did not seem to heed. Social media authors asked how prepared the authorities were for the flood on Tuesday.
Dramatic images and videos posted on social media show passengers trapped in subway cars in Henan's provincial capital, Zhengzhou, clinging to handrails as the water rose to their chests and cars were swept away by a stream on the road.
According to reports, the hurricane brought more than a year of rainfall to the provincial capital Zhengzhou, which lasted more than three days. At one point, Zhengzhou, the provincial capital, suffered nearly 20 centimeters of rain within an hour. According to data from the Zhengzhou Weather Station, 24 inches of rain fell in just three days—or nearly a year of rain. The Zhengzhou City Meteorological Department, which is located nearly 700 kilometers southeast of Beijing, said that since data recording began 60 years ago, the rainfall is the highest. The type of rainfall the city sees is the rainfall it usually receives within a year type. In just three days.
According to the Zhengzhou Meteorological Bureau, the three-day rain reached levels seen only "once in a thousand years." The Zhengzhou Meteorological Office said the three rainy days were at levels seen "once in a thousand years." The provincial capital Zhengzhou received 617.1 mm of precipitation from Saturday to Tuesday. President Xi Jinping said the situation was "extremely serious" after it rained in Zhengzhou City for many years in just three days.
At least 25 people were killed and seven more disappeared when heavy rain hit the central Chinese province of Henan, causing landslides and floods that partially flooded the Zhengzhou underground rail system. Tens of thousands of people have been displaced from flood-stricken regions in central China as officials increased the death toll from heavy rains that flooded Henan province for nearly a week to 33. Officials said about 70,000 people from 146 villages in the county Luonan of China's Shaanxi province also suffered from flooding caused by heavy rain.
Severe flooding was reported in Henan province, and the Yin River, the largest river in the province, overflowed its banks, causing flooding in the area. The rains continued to hit parts of Henan province, of which Zhengzhou is the capital.
According to Xinhua News Agency, more than 9.3 million people were affected across the province and more than 1.1 million residents were forced to move to safer places. In Gongyi, a county-level city under Zhengzhou rule, four people died as the flood forced more than 20,000 people to flee their homes.
Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang called for maximum commitment to rescue operations in flooded areas throughout Henan province and stressed that ensuring the life and safety of people is a top priority. About 1.2 million people have been affected by the ongoing natural disaster, said Xu Zhong, deputy director of the Henan provincial government responsible for flooding and flooding. According to the official Xinhua news agency, eight more people went missing as a result of the flooding.
Earlier, the Henan Provincial Information Bureau said four people were killed in Gongyi, a city on the banks of the Yellow River, and another 12 people were killed on a subway train in Henan provincial capital Zhengzhou on Tuesday. The victims included 12 people who died when a subway was flooded earlier this week in the provincial capital of Zhengzhou, about 650 kilometers southwest of Beijing. Media reported that among the dead were four residents of Gongyi City, located on the banks of the Yellow River, like Zhengzhou, after the widespread collapse of houses and buildings due to rains. Widespread flooding in China's Henan province killed at least 25 people after several days of torrential rain, said to be the worst in 1,000 years, sweeping roads and subway systems in the region and leading to the evacuation of at least 100,000 people, Xinhua News Agency reported. ... , China State News Agency.
BEIJING, July 21. . At least 25 people have died in flood-hit Henan province in central China, a dozen of them on the metro line in its capital Zhengzhou, and more rain is expected in the region. This is similar to the doomsday scenario in parts of China, as torrential rains, floods and typhoons disrupt daily life in many provinces of the country. Storms hit Henan province since the weekend during the unusually active rainy season, which has caused riverbanks to flood, flood streets in dozens of cities and disrupt the daily lives of millions.
Henan province in central China is fully shielded from another round of heavy rains a month after torrential rains and floods hit the province in July. Dams and reservoirs have increased to alert levels, and thousands of soldiers are taking part in relief operations in the province. Events in the tunnel have highlighted tensions over the hurricane that last week caused catastrophic flooding in the Henan province of central China.
But this week, as much of China's central Henan province has been ravaged by record rains, Chinese officials, academics or state media have made little mention of the broader climate crisis. Yi Chen says this Chinese downpour has something to do with the downpour that hit Europe, killing more than 120 people. But as the devastation in Henan province shows, many Chinese cities are unprepared for climate risks due to increasingly frequent and intense extreme weather conditions.
In the city of Anyang, north of Zhengzhou, a heavy rain warning was announced on Thursday. Neighboring Hebei province has issued a storm warning for several cities, including Shijiazhuang, its capital, with a moderate to heavy rain warning from Wednesday. Meanwhile, Hebei province, which borders Henan, has issued a thunderstorm warning in several cities, including its capital Shijiazhuang, with moderate to heavy rainfall expected starting Wednesday. According to the Henan Provincial Meteorological Observatory, the cities of Xinyang, Zhumadian, Zhoukou, Shangqiu, Kaifeng, Puyang, Xinxiang, Hebi and Anyang may experience heavy rainfall, exacerbating the flood control situation.
But experts say this rainfall cycle will not be as "extreme" as the previous one in July. From Saturday evening to Monday, the province will experience heavy regional rainfall, with the main heavy rains on Sunday, according to a warning issued Saturday by the Henan Provincial Meteorological Service. The provincial capital of Henan Zhengzhou, as well as cities including Jiaozuo, Xinxiang and Kaifeng, will receive between 250 and 400 millimeters of precipitation. Strong convection currents and gusts are expected to cause storms or reach 8-10 levels in some locations in the northern and central-eastern parts of the province. Local meteorological officials said the area of ​​heavy rainfall this time coincides with areas hit by floods in July.