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Katherine Edwards

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Once your operation is complete, the procedure is reversed, and you the notes are sent prior to hearing.
The first docking at Nauka is scheduled for September 28, with Soyuz MS-18 being moved from Rassvet to a dock at the nadir of Zvezda, in order to free Rassvet for Soyuz MS-19s arrival. Prichal will use the HDA system for the Nauka docking, which will require first the HDA-to-SSVP adapter rings be removed from Naukas nadir port. The docking system used at Zvezda Nadir Port is called the Hybrid Drogue Adapter . Nauka also has a docking port at its nadir that can be docked by other modules/vehicles.
The deployable radiators will be used to add extra cooling capabilities on Nauka, allowing the module to accommodate multiple science experiments. A total of up to 11 EVAs will be required to fully equip and commission Nauka, with the first one scheduled for September.
The Zvezda service module is similarly trying to right the orientation of the ISS, fighting off Nauka while the new module continues to fire its thrusters. With these early burns, Russian controllers were able to stabilize Nauka, make its core engines operate, and get the modules back on track to arrive at the ISS on 29 July, as initially planned. Eventually, Russian controllers were able to force the engines out of firing; more permanent thruster shutdown would occur as the ISS passed over Russian ground stations again. Shortly afterward, though, the power needs and heat production from those beasts brought this run to an abrupt end.
The latest amendment limits any increase in the minimum wage to $22 per hour next year, followed by a cost-of-living hike, and a $15.50 per hour state-wide minimum.