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In the 10-minute podcast titled "Reverend Bob Harrington," the Reverend Bob Harrington, also known as the "Chaplain of Bourbon Street," is discussed. The podcast provides a brief overview of Harrington's life and mission as a street preacher in New Orleans. Harrington grew up in Texas and ordained as a Southern Baptist minister. He initially had a conventional ministry but felt drawn to bring the gospel to the streets. He moved to New Orleans after feeling a calling to reach out to those marginalized by society. The podcast highlights how Harrington's unconventional methods garnered attention. He would stand on Bourbon Street, the heart of New Orleans' nightlife, with a Bible in one hand and a drink in the other to connect with people in an unconventional way. Rather than preaching from a pulpit, Harrington engaged with people on a personal level, making religion more accessible to them. Harrington's approach wasn't without controversy, as some religious figures criticized his methods. However, he viewed his unconventional approach as a way to meet people where they were and help them find faith. Harrington believed that Jesus wouldn't just stay in the church but would go into the bars, brothels, and prisons to reach those who needed him most. The podcast concludes by stating that Harrington's life ended tragically when his son took his own life. Despite this heartbreaking event, the Reverend Bob Harrington's legacy lives on, and his impact continues to be felt in the lives he touched.

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Sean Brown

Sean Brown

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Reverend Bob Harrington: The Evangelical Evangelist Who Touched Hearts and Souls


Welcome to this special episode of our podcast, where we delve into the life and legacy of the iconic Reverend Bob Harrington. A man known for his vibrant personality, relentless passion, and unwavering faith, Harrington captivated audiences around the world with his unique approach to spreading the gospel. Join us as we explore his remarkable journey, from his humble beginnings to becoming one of the most influential preachers of his time.

The Early Years:

Born on January 5, 1929, in California, Bob Harrington's journey was marked by many challenges and struggles. Growing up during the Great Depression, he experienced firsthand the hardships that many Americans faced during those trying times. However, it was during these early years that his religious convictions began to take root, as he found solace and guidance in the church.

A Turning Point:

In 1949, Harrington's life took a significant turn when he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior. From that moment on, his mission became clear – to reach out to those who needed spiritual healing and share the message of God's love and salvation. Harrington's own transformation fueled his desire to help others experience the same life-changing encounter he had experienced.

The Birth of the Chaplain:

In the 1950s, Reverend Bob Harrington realized that his calling was to minister beyond the church walls, and he became a chaplain for a rodeo circuit. This unconventional approach to evangelism allowed him to connect with people who might not have otherwise been reached by traditional means. With his cowboy hat and humorous style, he became known as the "Chaplain of Bourbon Street" and the "Chaplain of Bourbon Street."

The Charismatic Preacher:

Harrington's dynamic personality and ability to engage his audience made him a sought-after speaker across the United States. His fiery sermons blended humor, vivid storytelling, and heartfelt sincerity, captivating listeners everywhere. The reverend's evangelistic efforts extended to prisons, military bases, and even the White House, where he had the privilege of meeting with several U.S. presidents.

Controversy and Criticism:

As with any influential figure, Reverend Bob Harrington faced his fair share of controversy and criticism. Some accused him of being too dramatic or focused on entertainment rather than true spiritual introspection. Nevertheless, even his critics couldn't deny the impact he had on countless lives, as he reached people from all walks of life, sharing the message of hope and redemption.

A Lasting Legacy:

Reverend Bob Harrington's legacy lives on through his books, television appearances, and the countless lives he touched during his ministry. His autobiography, "Chaplain of Bourbon Street," remains a powerful testament to his unwavering faith and the transformative power of the gospel. Today, his influence can still be felt through the lives of those he inspired to pursue their own calling in spreading God's love to a hurting world.


In the annals of evangelical history, Reverend Bob Harrington's name will forever be remembered as a man who fearlessly proclaimed the gospel message with passion and joy. His unique approach brought hope to the hopeless, a smile to the brokenhearted, and a renewed faith in the power of God's grace. Join us next time as we continue to explore the lives of remarkable individuals who have shaped our world.