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His podcasts tell the stories of real people who live in the trunk and are about 30 minutes long. I was privileged to be her first chatter on the podcast you can hear here, and it was through the collaboration with her and Megan Nons that the Girl in Florence logo was born - so basically you can say that I think there is more to it. than a little weird. I'm so excited that my friend and fellow COSItaly member Rick Zullo has launched a podcast about Italy. This educational podcast in Italian is aimed at language learners, but it also has a bit of courage and personality in it.
They are informative, accessible and always fun to listen to as they are presented in a fun way with interesting topics. This is my all-time favorite podcast that I've listened to for five years and never get tired.
The BitterSweet Life is a podcast from Rome that explores the wonders and frustrations of living as an expat, with new episodes every Monday. Untold Italy is a travel podcast with practical tips and tricks to help you plan your trip to Italy. These podcasts about Italy cover everything from learning Italian to art, culture and food, and can take you back to Italy from the comfort of your couch. You can also explore the world of culinary, history, technology, and even American politics with podcasts in Italian.
If you're looking for shows that are fun and rewarding, here are eight of the best Italian podcasts for language learners. Whether you're interested in political scandal, celebrity chatter, or deep diving into history, here's a list of great podcasts for you. Whether you're new to the wonderful world of podcasts or looking for great listening experience, we've got what you need.
In a similar format, radio podcast appearances usually include presenters or presenters discussing the topic under discussion. The podcast's already broad reach, which includes lesbian separatism and radical politics, has expanded even further, allowing listeners to engage in conversations that often tend to be secluded or marginalized.
These podcasts in English and Italian discuss the hardships of living abroad, reveal the history and cultural significance of the food eaten in Italy, address the concerns of Italian feminists by featuring tough women, and immerse themselves in modern Italian history with a bit of music. This podcast stopped airing on June 30, 2017, but you can still listen to the last 28 episodes on iTunes and find all episodes on their website.
If you live in Italy or love Italian culture, this is the perfect way to better understand recent history and you will learn more cultural references that appear in the conversation . Through these episodes, you can train your ears to listen to various Italian accents, or watch his solo episodes with him to learn about Italian culture and holidays. Listen to his podcasts and improve your Italian through philosophical themes, critical thinking, literature and popular culture. You can subscribe to her iTunes podcast here, or read previous stories and listen to her blog here.
If you're on the go, her podcast Learn Italian with Lucrezia is a great way to spend more time listening to the language and learning the vocabulary and grammar you need.
In addition, there is a podcast that has not been updated for a while, but I think it is useful for any Italian amateur. It is Eye on Italy, hosted by Sara Rosso, Michelle Fabio and Jessica Spiegel. You can download it for free on iTunes. here. ... In addition to the Italian podcasts you will find in this article, please visit Fluent Show. In addition to strengthening your fledgling language skills through real-life conversations, listening to Italian podcasts is a great way to further immerse yourself in the language and understand how Italian actually speaks, let alone culture and current events. Which ones are of interest to Italians. ...Finding a great Italian podcast will not only help you improve your hearing, but it will also bring Italy closer to you.
Podcasts are a great way to add a little Italian listening practice to your daily life. These podcasts will begin to give you an idea of ​​how Italians use their words so that you can do the same.
Every Sunday this podcast will energize you and energize you for the week ahead. This podcast on topics related to yoga teaching will help you improve your technical aspects as well as personal and professional development. This podcast is designed to enable teachers to discuss relevant, informative, and inspiring topics.
Listen to this real-life podcast about teachers in education and more. A podcast for art teachers, here are some stories and ideas to inspire K-12 art teachers. Change your class as this podcast helps you bring in some inspirational creativity.
This weekly podcast focuses on Twitter discussions on some of the hottest topics in education. The BBC Radio 4 podcast "Reith's Lectures" presents leading thinkers on the themes of future medicine, the power of music and the humanistic attitude to war. This historic podcast is part of the wider Mix 24 radio program of Italian Radio 24. Since many of us who start learning Italian really watch our stomachs, one of the podcasts in this series that I would recommend to students is La Storia in Cucina ".
Since this is an Italian podcast, conversations often also cover topics such as food , but eventually it all returns to Brazil. Another of Babbels' advanced Italian podcasts, this show will introduce you to the quirks and wonders of the Italian language. You may feel like you are listening to someone else's thoughts and not a structured podcast, but Italiano Bello gives you food for thought about everyday life in Italy.
We discuss the local culture, cuisine, and secret locations that travel companies cannot or do not want to provide you. We help you discover the true treasures of Italian life and let you experience Italy like a local. A podcast series designed specifically for consultants shares our top travel tips in Italy, recorded by Andrea Grisdale, CEO and founder of IC Bellagios. The Rick Zullos podcast invites a new guest every week to answer questions about how to travel to Italy, live in Italy, and even conduct research on Italian ancestors. Anthony Radio Show is one of the best travel podcasts in Italy.
The creator of Italy Made Easys, Manu, offers one of our best Italian courses and you can get a lot of free content from his free podcast. Stefano has over 5 years of experience teaching Italian and currently creates courses, YouTube videos and podcast episodes to bring Italian students closer to mastery.