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One of those extremely helpful, well-thought-out holiday gifts for podcast lovers, those who are not just dedicated listeners, but also determined to host their own shows one day. Check out a few unique, charming, yet extremely practical gifts for podcast lovers. You cannot go wrong with any of these picks in our gift guide 2020 for podcast lovers and audiobook lovers.
Gifting audiobooks might be first on your mind, but there are other ways to show appreciation to a podcast lovers love of the medium. Spotify has been rapidly growing their podcasts section on Spotify, so that you can hear all of your favorite music and podcasts all in one place. For just $20, podcasters, available in The Bridges Online Store, in your life can listen to their favorite podcasts in a stylish way.
A very hands-on book or audiobook that you can give your favorite podcast enthusiast as a gift, so that they gradually learn the art of podcasting. A perfect gift for a holiday or birthday to someone whose enjoyment means listening to podcasts. A great Christmas or birthday gift for true crime podcast fans that want to immerse themselves in a fair, truthful, vicious audio experience.
This best-selling novel is giftable for birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, etc. Surprise your true crime podcast fans with this Night Vale Adventures audiobook or softcover book. Needless to say, it is an extremely nice Christmas, birthday, thanksgiving, and so on Gift that you can remember podcast fans by looking at it daily. A wonderful gift item for a podcaster, whose weekend means getting lost in a listening world, on a birthday, Christmas, housewarming, retirement, Friendship Day, or Valentines Day.
If you are not a podcast listener yourself, it can be hard finding the best gifts for the podcast fans you know. With literally thousands of podcasts available, covering a wide range of categories, chances are that you know at least one podcast enthusiast. Being able to listen to podcasts anywhere you go is a huge perk to any podcast lover.
From hosting services by Buzzsprout, to show notes and editing services by our friends at We Edit Podcasts, to remote recording services by SquadCast, these all would be a welcomed gift for any podcast holder. You could give Headliner, Wavve, or Audiogram subscriptions, which help podcast hosts make attractive soundbytes as a way of marketing their podcast, or Canva, which helps them design awesome social media posts. Software that helps podcast hosts optimize their podcasting process, and that helps them along the path to podcasting success Podcast hosts have their own winning gift options.
We Edit Podcasts, RODE Microphones, and Spreaker, along with Staples, might just have the perfect gift options this holiday season for that special podcaster in your life. Subscribe Today Sign up for Your Ad-Free Podcast Copy this link and add it in your podcasting app. Listening to podcasts is a free gift; it is simple; it is an experience, not a thing; and the great content out there in the world of podcasts has no limits.
You would think only dedicated listeners to the Joe Rogan podcast would appreciate The Curious Ape. Meal kit service If you are not yourself a podcast listener, this gift idea may sound weird.
If you are concerned that your boyfriend is starting a podcast after listening to a few episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience, then heres how you can make him gaslight himself into thinking that he has already started one. Despite the fact that you do not own any actual copies or recordings of your boyfriends podcast, asking your bf if you can guest on his podcast every time he has an open slot is a good way to gaslight him.
It makes it easier to gift a particular podcast to the person who you know is going to like it - it is also a way of introducing someone who does not know how to do podcasts to listening. Gifting courses is a thoughtful way to show a recipient you are interested in something that means a lot to them, and you want to see them succeed on their podcasting journey.
If a gift recipient loves true crime, Dolly Parton, compelling stories, The Office, history, science, politics, design, nature, the Nebraska Cornhuskers...there is a fantastic podcast about it. I know you will love their blogs and podcasts, so please add them to your watchlist for weekly. Sites like Podswag get merchandise from some of the best podcasts out there, so you should certainly be able to find some cool gifts.
A fancy pair of headphones is cool, but it is not the "must-have" podcasting item. While it is true that a quality pair of headphones will get the job done when it comes to recording your podcast, headphones are still a popular choice for many podcasters. For a more affordable option, and one that is ideal for active/sporty podcast listeners, check out the Bose SoundSport Wireless Earbuds.
The wireless Bluetooth headphones are perfect for listening to podcasts when you are doing chores or working in your yard. A real podcast lover needs a good pair of headphones, headphones, or a Bluetooth speaker. An iTunes gift card is a perfect gift for anyone who has an iPhone or iPad, so that they can have a better podcasting app.
The act of forcing their voice to sound like that of podcasting pioneer Ira Glass. The frustrating experience of trying to share a great story that you heard on the podcast, but with no music, no rhythm, and no producers cutting out your likes and uhs. The stage between the podcasters first episode and the confident confidence of more experienced creators.
After all, podcasting itself was named, somewhat haphazardly, as an amalgamation of the iPod and radio. The term couple came about via an argument between Liz Powell and Cesar Moncada at The New York Times podcast club--they disagreed, for the record, about which term was best.