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Melanie Wagner

Melanie Wagner

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Developers Podcast Pakistan is another tech podcast, but at an early stage. Developer Karachi Wala is one of the few tech podcasts in the country and also in Urdu.
This is not a dedicated podcast, but rather a self-proclaimed way to tell stories about Pakistan through the lost art of conversation, and as Sheikh writes, it's lengthy. If you are interested in Pakistani politics, this podcast is perfect for you. The podcast is dedicated to an in-depth informative discussion of Pakistani issues.
With podcasts at stake, Pakistan has stepped up its game and showcases talented Pakistanis through podcasts on a variety of topics and styles. Here are four of the best Pakistani podcasts to try this weekend. The three Pakistani podcasters I picked today are not Joe Rogan or Tim Ferris , but they are still truly independent creators who are creating truly original content and thriving. I have been listening to Pakistani podcasts and have been looking for new ones for the last year or so.
Podcasts have been around for a long time, but now Pakistani YouTubers have joined in. It may be a matter of time, but podcasts could become a new trend in Pakistan's social media. While it is still a small niche in Pakistan, podcasting is favored in the West. Most examples of podcasts in Pakistan are from the music industry such as Patari perhaps due to the general use of radio or audio content for music purposes only.
Podcasts running in Pakistan are either experimenting or have a very simple format. A promising and popular podcast hosted by veteran journalists Mosharraf Zaidi and Fasi Zaka is Like Pakistan. Ijaz Khan Sahu, also a multimedia journalist trying podcasting in Punjab, offers a different perspective.
Adnan Malik is a professional interviewer, true to the rules of podcasting, and he contributes to the discussion by picking up where his host just left off and adding heavy, well-crafted topics to give cultural weight to the conversation. We mentioned the need to document and preserve culture earlier, and this guy is doing a hell of a job with his podcast.
If this podcast makes you want Adnan Malik to host the Adnan Malik podcast, then you're not alone. Let's just say her podcast is a less trashy version of Samina Pirzadas' YouTube show.
His Mooroo podcast is a simple affair, Mooroo talks to people, sometimes in English, sometimes in Urdu. Mooroo has also developed its own podcast channel and its content is just as sincere and engaging. Junaid Akrams invites influential and inspiring people from all walks of life to his podcast channel and their conversations are worth listening to.
In addition, Soch Bichar is currently affiliated with Pakistan's largest media network and hosts his podcast on YouTube for all of his subscribers. Available on Pod Bean, this podcast highlights development policy issues in Pakistan. The public policy expert is director of the Pakistan Initiative at the Atlantic Council, a DC think tank and host of the Pakistanonomy podcast. Find out about this and more in this week's edition of The Pakistan Experience.
The Pakistan Experience is an independent podcast that aims to tell stories about Pakistan through conversations. The result is The Other Pakistan, a series of heartfelt and inspiring podcasts presented by the Brown University Asia Society and the Watson Institute, produced by Zarmina Ansari and Ben Mandelkern with field support from Amanki Ash, Asia Society. Listen to Pakistan on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app.
You can also embed our channels into the podcast player of your choice. The music in the Global Voices podcast is taken from the NikMartken song ``Voyage'' from our community. The Global Voices podcast brings you local news from around the world. This podcast is produced and edited by Sarah King, Communications Coordinator for IDS.
Mango Records is another YouTube podcast channel made by people who want to create authentic content. Basically, a podcast is a series of digital audio or video files. Before we get started, it's important to note that podcasts are similar to talk shows and radio shows. Podcasts include hosts who discuss a variety of topics, including politics, makeup, cooking, commentary, or anything. Interestingly, some podcasts are short, lasting up to 5 minutes, while others can last for hours.
The episodes feature interviews with established and emerging artists, but his Happy Chirp podcast isn't all about music. It features inspiring Pakistani women from all walks of life who sit with Raza and share their personal stories of struggle, resilience and transformation. His Happy Chirp podcast is dedicated to Pakistani music fans.
Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan Pakistan will appear on the podcast alongside prominent Pakistani podcast hosts, including Syed Muzamir Hassan Zaidi and Junaid Akram. In a long list of gaffes and inexplicable quotes, former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan added another to his repertoire as he described his life in the UK during a recent podcast session. Pakistani content creator Junaid Akram invites a cricketer-turned-politician to a podcast.
Pervez Amirali Hoodbhoy comes to Pakistan to experience a special edition where he answers all your questions and resolves all disputes. Raza Rumi joins us on this in-depth podcast to discuss why she had to leave Pakistan, the shrinking space for journalism in the country, how digital journalism is changing the landscape, Nayee Daur's philosophy, new media, and nation-building.