Eps 2: Nico Yazawa


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I reached out to the most remote corners of the universe and expected a gift that was a secret surprise to Honoka. When the date was 8 / 3 / 8-3 in the unit, when it was 9 / 12 / 9-12, she gave me a folding fan for Umi's birthday, and the birthday was an opportunity to show everyone how cute I am! And if the dates were 3 / 15 and 3-15 or 7 / 7 and 7-7, my birthday is a chance for me to show my love for all of you.
When the date was 2 / 3 / 2-3, why did Nozomi forget the fish leaves on her head? UnitState: Did you know that Setsubun is the birthday of the most beautiful girl in the world and the only one of her kind in the world?
Nico was not satisfied with this answer, so Tsubasa called her the cute devil who is firmly integrated into the group. UnitState: Is this just something you do unconsciously, or is it a real thing and not just an accident?
It is a carefully worked out method of promotion based on the research and understanding of idols and idol-fans. As explained at the beginning of the anime film, Nico firmly believes in dealing with the hardships and difficulties of professional, prominent media. Nico is a strong advocate of promoting idol culture and the community of idols as a whole.
She's the youngest - and looks like one, though she's also the oldest - and she uses a polished image of cuteness. This means she has a strong sense of self-worth - and a deep understanding of her role as an idol.
Rin then decides to wear a dress while everyone else is wearing a groom's outfit, and the group arranges for her to wear the dress because they feel it suits her best. Rin then decided to express her femininity more confidently and decided she would wear the skirt to training, which makes everyone happy about her.
After the festival, the only Nico has an accompaniment, and if the date is between 3-3 and 3-3, it is the first time that she has an accompaniment. If the dates are between 8-4 , it is the second time they have had an escort, after the last time they were 8-4 and 8.5.
For a little bonus, there's also a Happy Maker Nico, who has a more constant buff and helps you survive attacks on his top check. You also have a Spammable Brainstorming Nico, which is not a top card, but is still there when you absolutely have to mill. One of Nico's characters gets 2000 Power from the other two she paid, and if you undo something you can save a character from WR. If you use Backup, if the character is a Nico, it will hide you until the next turn.
In episode 12 Nico can draw the last number in the order of the performances, much to everyone's delight. In the club room she is proud of her achievements but nobody seems to appreciate her very much. Hanayo thinks there are nine, and it would have been different if only one person had missed the election.
Maki tells her that if she really wants to win love live, it won't be a problem, and Umi agrees. Honoka says she was afraid she would stop crying if they decided to stay there and take photos with everyone. RISE said the final round of pre-fight talks would be as contested as the love life, "Umi said.
With mascots Honoka, Kotori, Nico and Maki talking about how the effects of the Halloween performance in the last round would give them an advantage. The day before the preliminary round, RISE, Tsubasa and M'Honoka shake hands and agree to give their final pre-match talks an "A."
Maki then promises that no matter what happens, she will continue to be an idol and that she "will be alone" and "I don't want you with me or any of the others," but then asks Eli for his opinion. Eli tells her that it's up to Honoka and the other decision, but he and Nozomi agree. Nico thinks she will work hard when they break up, "Eli says.
On the day of the performance, Honoka says they need to change because they already have very different members, but they all perform together because of their natural abilities.
The other level 0 backrowing option is Frontal 500 assist, which gives you an extra boost of power when playing Green CX .
Doll Nico is not that powerful, but it can be used to strengthen other characters and at the same time to participate in encores. What divides Nico so much is that she is, paradoxically, one of the most popular characters in the game, if not the most popular. Together with the fact that she is also an advocate of correct handling in terms of marketability, Nico becomes the epitome of purity that appears on stage. As a professional Nico, I thought I would explain why the very qualities that draw anger from others are a pleasant character for me.