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In the podcast "Narayan Choudhary Talks," the host interviews Narayan Choudhary, a social entrepreneur and CEO of a nonprofit organization called MicroX Foundation. Choudhary discusses his journey from growing up in poverty in a rural village in Nepal to working with international organizations and founding his own nonprofit. He explains the importance of empowering individuals through financial literacy and entrepreneurship, and he shares stories of how his organization has helped people in Nepal and other countries start their own businesses and improve their livelihoods. Choudhary also discusses the challenges of working in the nonprofit sector and his vision for the future of MicroX Foundation.

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Welcome to "Narayan Choudhary Talks", a podcast where we delve into the heart and mind of one of the most experienced and knowledgeable voices in the field of economics and politics. For over four decades, Narayan Choudhary has been a prominent force in shaping economic policies, facilitating trade, and bridging gaps between nations. In this episode, we explore Mr. Choudhary's views on the current state of global economy, the impact of COVID-19, and the challenges facing developing countries.

Mr. Choudhary believes that the modern world is moving towards an era of "de-globalization". The advent of COVID-19 and the resulting travel restrictions, supply chain disruptions, and slowdown in economic activity has only accelerated this process. In the face of such challenges, governments are focusing on promoting domestic industries, local supply chains, and reducing dependence on foreign sources. Countries are becoming more inward-looking, and international cooperation is under threat.

But Mr. Choudhary is quick to point out that this trend is not entirely negative. He believes that there is an opportunity for countries to re-think their economic policies, and explore ways to promote sustainable growth and development. This may involve investing in education, healthcare, and renewable energy, encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, and building resilience to future shocks.

On the impact of COVID-19, Mr. Choudhary notes that the pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities of global systems and highlighted the need for cooperation and coordination. It has also highlighted the challenges facing poorer countries, which lack the resources and infrastructure to cope with the pandemic. Mr. Choudhary calls for a coordinated global response to address these challenges, including the provision of financial and technical assistance to poorer countries, and the sharing of knowledge and best practices.

Turning to the challenges facing developing countries, Mr. Choudhary notes that they face a range of obstacles in achieving sustained economic growth and development. These include inadequate infrastructure, low levels of human development, limited access to finance, and political instability. Mr. Choudhary calls for a multi-faceted approach to address these challenges, which involves promoting inclusive growth, improving governance and transparency, and investing in human capital.

In conclusion, Mr. Choudhary's insights offer valuable perspectives on the global economy and the challenges facing the world today. As we navigate the complexity and uncertainty of a rapidly changing world, his wisdom and experience provide a beacon of hope and a roadmap for the future. We thank Mr. Choudhary for sharing his insights with us and look forward to future conversations on "Narayan Choudhary Talks."