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How long your laptop will run on the built-in battery is one of the biggest considerations of PC shoppers. The overall life span depends on the type of battery, how you handle your PC, and how much you use the laptop. The tasks that you require the laptop to do will dictate the amount of time that the laptop lasts.
If you do not expect to use your laptop for several hours, shut it down to conserve power and battery. If your laptop uses lithium-ion batteries -- most modern laptops do -- recharge them when they have a little juice left.
Even if you are not using the famous 80/20 approach full-time , do everything in your power to avoid leaving the laptops battery 100% charged. Your results will vary, but the well-known 80/20 method will help you extend the lifespan of your laptops battery.
Here are five tips to extend your laptop batteries lifespan. Here are the top five ways to save the PCs battery, and to get the best out of a Windows laptop.
This highly informative article from Forbes shows how Googles Chrome Web Browser can potentially shorten your laptops battery life, as long as you are using a Windows machine. The convenience of using a possibly superior web browser, and not having to constantly monitor your computers every feature, might outweigh the money you would save by holding onto the laptop battery for just a bit longer.
The rise in portable computing owes much of its success to the continually improving life of batteries, since being able to use laptops for hours on end without plugging in gives them versatility desktop PCs could never provide. A laptop with great battery life used to mean a thin, low-power laptop that sacrificed performance in order to squeeze every last minute from the charge. Only a laptop with great battery life could squeak past more premium machines, regardless of how well-stacked their specs are, because laptops are worthless if they cannot keep their juice.
If you are looking for a MacBook to compete with laptops with best battery life, you are going to need to spring for the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which lasts precisely 11 hours in our testing. If you want a laptop that has some of the best battery-life ratings ever, then the Asus ExpertBook B9450 keeps you comfortably powered up for a crazy 16 hours, 42 minutes. The Asus ZenBook 13 UX324EA beats these expectations, lasting 13 hours 47 minutes in Laptop Mags Battery Test .
Not only does the MacBook Pro 13-inch with the M1 offer better overall performance and graphics, but it also has the longest battery life we have seen from the laptop. For example, CNET has the MacBook Pro topping their list for battery life, at a whopping 16 hours, 29 minutes without a charge. Right now, the best battery life laptop you can buy is Dells Latitude 9510, clocking in at an absurd 18 hours and 17 minutes.
In our Laptop Mag Battery Test, the Dell Latitude 9510 lasts 14 hours straight. As the smaller member of the Gram family, the Gram 14 is probably at the very top when it comes to battery life: The 2-in-1 managed just over 16 hours of runtime on CNETs tests. In one test, the battery was at 24% after around 14.5 hours of use, including one hour of tracking activities and streaming audio via LTE.
While laptop review sites vary their methods for battery tests, the best reviews are getting at least 17 hours of juice out of the system. On average, a laptop battery has a life span between two to four years . An average laptop battery has around 500-700 charging cycles .
Laptops are ideal for people that travel a lot and do their jobs while they are out, but batteries can last just 4 to 6 hours. Working on a laptop until your battery is totally empty may damage the battery. Some users even find that, a couple of years later, their laptop just does not keep any power. Using demanding software programs, having the computer get hot, or having it sit idle for a long time will all lead to your batteries losing capacity faster.
Even the best laptops have trouble keeping Windows running for more than a half-day on a charge, a problem if you have to work for an entire day and you do not always have a charger. Windows can help prolong your batteries lifespan by fading your screen to black and putting the laptop into automatic hibernation when it is left idle for a brief period. Another simple way to save battery life on your Windows laptop is by turning down your screen brightness. In general, you may want to disable the screen after two minutes, and sleep the laptop after four to five minutes, if you are absolutely crucial about keeping the computer battery going.
A laptop that can go for over eight hours without having to go to a power outlet should be enough to keep you going through the workday, but it is not good enough to reach the top of todays heap. Each of the laptops and 2-in-1s we chose lasts over 19 hours in our tests, meaning that they can get you through an entire workday while still offering a lot of juice for the commute or watching videos on your couch. The Surface Book 2s of the previous generation combined clocked in a very impressive 17 hours of battery life on our tests, but you are going to get much less than that if you are using a tablet-by-tablet. We chose the MacBook Pro here because review sites found that it lasts slightly longer than the Air: Laptop Mag, for example, got more than 16 hours from the Pro, while the Air got just a little less than 15 hours.