Eps 1: Military Bratz Collection: I Miss my Dad

Military Bratz Collection: I Miss my Dad

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Everett Pena

Everett Pena

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This article discusses the difficulties military brats face, and how they can overcome them.
In particular, it speaks to one girl's experience of having a dad in the army, and how she missed him. She was able to find solace by going to a daddy/daughter dance at her dad's military base. Although she felt sad, she was also proud that her father was protecting the country. She found comfort in telling people about her father and his career in the army, which made her feel closer to him.
The Military Bratz Collection: I Miss My Dad was a way to share her story with other families who understand the struggle of having a working dad away from home. When she talks about her father's last duty station, it still stabs her heart. Her father was always her rock and not having him around made each bad day harder to get through. But no matter how much she missed him, she had to put on a brave face for my life and for the kids. The Military Bratz Collection: I Miss My Dad was created to show how military children feel when their parents are away from home, and to give them a sense of hope and understanding. It is an amazing miracle that this collection exists; it has helped so many kids by providing them with an outlet for their emotions.
The Military Bratz Collection: I Miss My Dad focuses on the struggles and joys that military kids go through. In particular, it helps to bridge the gap between civilian friends and those who have age military brats. It is a testament to the strength of these children and their ability to overcome whatever life throws at them. The typical brat has faced unique challenges in life due to their parents’ service in the military, whether that be physical separation for long periods of time or having to relocate frequently. This population makes up a sizable portion of our population, yet many people don’t understand their experiences or even know a person who has endured countless difficulties due to their parent’s service. This collection is helping to relate these people’s experiences so that others can better understand and empathize with them.
There are so many military brats out there that have followed their parent’s footsteps, growing up as a military brat and understanding the lifestyle that involves being transferred from place to place. Reservist soldiers, as well as active duty servicemen have had to pick up and move their entire family to their next assignment. Often times, parents find themselves parenting their parents as they grew up into an adult military brat. Neighbors, even former teachers come and go as the military kid returns home an adult only to leave again for new assignments. As these servicemen move around the country, they bring along with them friends and neighbors from home town that are now scattered throughout this great nation of ours.
The Military Bratz Collection: I Miss My Dad is a collection of stories about military brats and the unique struggles that come with having to serve whose parents have been sent into the military. The term “military brat” refers to those children born of or raised in families in which one or both parents are members of the armed forces. With each move, these children must start anew, making new friends and adapting to new schools and neighborhoods. Research literature has shown that immediate stressors such as constant relocation and having to constantly say goodbye to friends can take its toll on these children emotionally, socially, and academically.
Becky Powell, a researcher from Open University, asked Professor Grace Clifton to help her find the origin of the Military Bratz Collection. After months of research, Professor Clifton found a book at one of the university libraries that was attributed to saying ‘I Miss My Dad’. After further research and interviews with members of the British Army, it was discovered that Dunn was the creator behind this collection.
Dunn defined lyrics that focus on the life of a military brat, an attached traveler to an army regiment. The term brat is used to describe a soldier and the army officers and their families who travel with them. Dunn explained that the term was derived from the ages of those who were attached to military units, as young children were often looked after by their parents and other adults in the unit. The collection also traced other published researchers who have handled similar challenges in understanding and defining this term.
Adapted our military brats, the collection gets at the unique experience of military brats who have had to experience multiple deployments of their family members, which often means that they had to grow up without their parents during a large part of their childhood. Through this collection, they are able to share their experience and understanding of the things they learned from living in a foreign country and knowing and accepting the differences between people. The acronym code LT is used throughout the collection to help members identify with each other and also with their country.
The Military Bratz Collection: I Miss My Dad is a collection of stories and experiences from over 800 USD senior parents who have served in the US Armed Forces. The collection helps make the transition to college easier for USD seniors, as many of them come from military families. USD's Military Connection Program and Veterans Program provides resources to assist with challenges that USD seniors and their families face while adjusting to college life.
Nelson Chase, a junior at USD, started the Military Bratz Collection to help military connected students and their families finance school. The collection emphasizes the opportunity for military and veterans to change their living standards and has been a great success. The collection includes war brats from all eras of war, especially those whose fathers were in the military. Chase's own son, Brittany, has been particularly inspired by the program as his father served during an era of war.