Eps 167: let me wish you luck too


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Sophia Fletcher

Sophia Fletcher

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I hope that today, your fortunes grow to be just as large as your stomach, just as bright as your Baldhead. I do not have much more to say than wish you the best of luck. I wish you all the luck that you will study well and get a good mark. I wish you all good luck whatever you are doing, May you achieve everything new, You did the best in case.
I hope that all preparations that you have done so far will be blessed with good fortune. Wishing you the best of luck, may you find the right and the perfect opportunities always. Wishing you all the best in all of your future endeavours, you will make it big. I wish you all the best in achieving your dreamed-of perfect life, full of happiness down the road.
May fortune always be with you, in everything that you do. Wishing all the best to you in your future endeavors. Wishing you luck, may you become the victor each and every time of life. I wish you a very happy life in front of you where you need not to worry about anything. We will all miss you, and we will wish you the best of luck with your upcoming ventures.
We wish you the best in this very special time of your life. I am sending you my prayers, best thoughts, and some good fortune, just so you know that I am hoping the best for you and for whatever it is that you are trying to achieve. I cannot see how anyone like you could possibly fail, but I am going to send good luck your way regardless, just in case you need some. As long as you carry with you my best wishes for luck, you can never be defeated in life, and there is no negativity that can reign around you.
Whatever anyone takes steps towards to accomplishing whatever small or large success in life, your good luck wishes will serve as an encouragement. Of course, we have no control over luck, but giving a heartfelt wish for someones good luck when they are in need of a bit more encouragement and concern is a goodwill and care gesture. These happy-go-lucky card messages can help you wish someone good luck, while conveying your own willingness to help.
Good luck cards are usually happy, light-hearted messages, so you may wish to include something humorous, so that it gets a laugh, or even just a smile, from the person you are greeting with luck. In addition to wish someone good luck, you sometimes will want to offer to help them out too. Wishing someone good luck is something that we should always do, as it is a good way to show goodwill and love towards all. Anytime you send a quick note to let someone know that you care, it is a simple way to show you are a good friend and you are sending out your best wishes.
Wishing someone good luck with this type of language can be a nice touch, it makes the card seem a little more personal. This message works well for people who do not know someone well, but they need to sign a card.
Since the Zhu Ni Shun Li does not indicate which aspects or which fields you want to make their exams successful, you could say the Zhu Ni Shun Li in Mandarin to wish someone good luck in Chinese for the exams. If you wish someone good luck in Chinese with his job, you can say Zhu Ni Cheng Gong Zuo Shun Li.
If you are learning Spanish, you will have to learn a few expressions at some point in order to wish others good luck. Here are a few examples of how you can use Cruzar los dedos to wish others good luck in a real-life situation. This expression is mainly used when someone is waiting for something nice to happen. Just like other expressions on this list, you can either use the word itself, or you can cite a situation that you are hoping for a lucky break, if necessary.
Exito conveys a stronger, deeper sentiment than buena suerte, since although you are wishing good luck, you are also suggesting that you wish the individual success with the specific task or situation. Exito is slightly more formal and intensive than buena suerte, so it is generally more prevalent when you are wishing good luck in a difficult or highly significant situation.
In addition to writing out our best wishes using cards, this may be done personally or during face-to-face conversations. Once you nail the talking points, sending out our best wishes, congratulations, and hoping for good returns is a breeze. You have got my good fortune, hopes, and best wishes, but my good fortune will carry you only so far. If your friend or loved one is going to be facing any kind of challenges, send a warm wish of luck that will encourage them to perform better and eventually win the whole contest.
Whether it is a test, competition, or a proposition, your loved ones will need every best wishes that can accumulate in order to ensure they are successful. For example, wishes such as being an ace, having a great time winning, and taking the trophy home are full of positive energy, which will boost your loved ones confidence even more. Also, being able to find happiness in others successes makes you a better friend, neighbor, or colleague.
Sending best wishes and motivational exams for friends will not only motivate, encourage, feel loved, but also best wishes for exams messages will assist in their success, giving them that much-needed motivation while sitting in exams. You can directly share these best wishes for exams with a few images with our loved ones directly to their Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp simply by selecting the text you prefer from below collections. Wish good luck for your friends in all the future JUNNIES by sending message, quote or a wish directly to the social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter from our awesome collection.