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Fifty years ago, the most influential children's-television studio of the 20th century, Children's Television Workshop, came into being, thanks to funding from the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, and the United States government.
If kids watch a lot of fast-paced videos, they come to expect that that is how videos should work, which could make other educational videos less compelling and effective. "
If kids get used to all the crazy, distracting, superfluous visual movement, then they may start requiring that to hold their attention," Johnson says.

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Regardless of your location, you are legally obliged to comply with the terms and conditions of the US Food and Drug Administration . As a YouTube creator, you must set aside all future and existing videos, whether made for children or not, and require that you tell them that you made the video for them when you create children's content. They are obliged to comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the Federation, the Länder and the municipalities, as well as federal and state regulations, regardless of place or age.
To help you meet these requirements, we are introducing a new way to reach new audiences for children and young adults, as well as adults with children, at YouTube Studio.
So many kids love watching videos on YouTube, and it seems Google has created a great platform for that. With its image - based on navigation and easy to navigate interface - YouTube Kids looks like its parent site, but it's fun and friendly. Although it offers great content for children 4 and up, it is hardened by problems with brand content and inappropriate clips slipping through the curation process.
YouTube Kids was created to provide children with a more reserved environment that makes it easier for them to explore their own interests, and parents and caregivers to guide their journey as they discover new and exciting interests along the way. Children can watch channels by category at the top of the screen and browse YouTube videos tailored to their age group by swiping left and right.
No system is perfect, and inappropriate videos can slip through, but we have worked hard to keep videos on YouTube Kids family-friendly. We use automated filters developed by our development team and feedback from parents to protect our youngest users online. The full range of parental controls is part of the experience that can be tailored to the needs of your family. And we are constantly working to improve our safeguards and provide more features to help parents get the right experience for their families.
You can create a custom child profile, track the clock history, set timers to limit your child's screen time, and more. Bouncie is an app and OBD connected car experience designed to stop distracted driving by sending notifications when your child engages in risky behavior. For example, the app will tell you if a child has exceeded the speed limit you have set and warn you of their location while driving or parking.
Children like to choose their own passcode, which can be overridden by parents to prevent siblings from sneaking into their profile.
Common Sense Media recommends YouTube Kids for children 7 and older, but the App Store says it's 4 or older. Parents can also choose "older" to give tweens an even more protected version of YouTube, as well as older children. If you have seen inappropriate videos, you may think it is better to wait until your child is a little more mature and watch the videos with a younger child.
But older toddlers are the ones who can get something truly educational, as opposed to mere entertainment and time wasting. When children watch many videos at high speed, they can expect that there are certain rules about how a video should work, which could make them more vulnerable to inappropriate content. ChuChu has slowed the pace of his videos, focusing on key elements and scenes, and has made more explicit instructional videos. It has changed over time, but it could have made the videos more accessible to younger children and adults alike.
YouTube is an obvious source of free entertainment for children, but it doesn't always feel like a safe choice. In the wilderness of YouTube, there are some that rise to the top, and you can take all the fun out of this mecca of "free entertainment."
In addition to its main page, the company has developed an app called YouTube Kids, whose design and content is specifically designed for parents and children. That's why YouTube has launched its whitelisted version of the app: the normal YouTube plays videos on it, the children's app doesn't.
Parents can customize exactly which videos their children watch by creating an account with approved content - only in this setting, where they can whitelist certain channels and videos that children can watch. Parents can also restrict their child's views by giving them access to hand-picked content from PBS Kids, and they can even customize what they see by creating accounts with an "approved content only" setting and listing what kids see and when on a whitelisting list. If a video is received and blocked, it's something you definitely don't want to show your child - and that's it.
YouTube Kids allows you to create up to 8 child profiles that can be personalized for each user, each with its own unique content and content settings, as well as access to their favorite videos.