Eps 1: Joe Rogan interviews Elvis Presley.

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Now, Joe Rogan, the veteran of the UFCs commentary department, has stepped up and offered his thoughts about the newly-uncovered videos that show Elvis Presley performing demonstrations. UFC Hall of Famer and Joe Rogans commentating partner Daniel Cormier complimented Joe Rogans interviews and pressing questions while speaking with Khamzat Chimaev at UFC 279. Joe Rogans defense for his actions revealed it was Conor McGregor who asked for the interview.
Khamzat Chimaev went, I did not want na say no about the missed call, and Joe Rogan again needled him. I like, after the fight, Joe Rogan said, Hey, Khamzat Chimaev, good job, as usual, but you missed the weight by seven-and-a-half pounds.
Neil Youngs claim that a lot of Spotifys listeners are hearing misleading information about COVID. They are young, impressionable, and easily moved to the wrong side of truth, said Neil Youngs.
Apple founder Steve Jobs comes across as a bit stilted, and his vocals are probably trained by his great speeches, not from more conversational sources. Jobs then starts to spew out un-sequiturs, mixing product ideas, Buddhism, LSD, and why Microsoft is a terrible company, so in a sense this is an episode of the Joe Rogan Show standard. Synthetic Voice developer Play.ht has released a fictional dialogue between Apple founder Steve Jobs, who died 11 years ago, and Joe Rogan.Apple founder Steve Jobs, who died 11 years agoJoe Rogan has been posting snarky and off-color content for the past week.
During one episode of The Joe Rogan Experience , legendary movie producer Jon Peters and Rogan talk Michael Jackson and the legendarily famous Elvis Presley, their influence in music, and how famous they were at their peak careers. The four musicians in question also played hits from rock and roll days, played by Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and Elvis Presley himself. The four musicians in question happened to run into each other, and, as musicians are wont to do, sat down and played. Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis were all young, fervent, and on the cusp of the top of their game.
A photograph of Elvis Presley sitting behind a piano, flanked by Jerry Lee, Carl Perkins, and Johnny, accompanied a story in The Memphis Press-Scimitar about this fateful meeting. In the early afternoon, Elvis Presley, the former Sun Records performer from Memphis, the most beloved entertainer who had ever curled his lips or shaken his hips, stopped in to greet an old Elvis friend. First-time filmmaker Riley Keough felt honored that they had worked so hard to truly capture his essence, feel the Elvis Presley essence.
First-time director Riley Keough raved about the star-studded Baz Luhrmann movie, following in the footsteps of mothers and her grandmother who shared their own love of the movie. First-time director Riley Keough is Elvis Presleys niece, played by Austin Butler in Austin Butlers movie. Not only is first-time director Riley Keough making his feature directorial debut , his familys story is also the subject of Baz Luhrmanns acclaimed movie, Elvis, opening worldwide next week at Baz Luhrmanns Starring Film Festival.
We get a glimpse into the early days of Elvis, working a blue-collar job trying to impress the types on the record labels. No one is recording, neither the King of Rock and Roll, not the hustlers that ran his career up to the moment of Presleys death in 1977. Elvis put the white mans face on R&B music, as it were, and its signature biopic does little to sugarcoat the singers inspiration. In fact, these scenes are where the movie is at its most potent, with a collection of black actors recreating both Elviss formative influences and the musicians who inspired his songwriting.
Austin Butlers reenactment of Presleys on-stage persona is fierce, and it is worth sitting through its countless shortcomings as atypical biopic. The movie never reveals the layers that made Elvis the icon, and this lack of psychological depth is its undoing. Elvis stepbrother, Presley, has detailed his belief in Elvis Presleys Christianity in a new book, The Faith of Elvis, due in October.
It is unclear at this time exactly when the Neil Young music will actually be pulled. Mark Zuckerberg has been vocal about trying to maintain a work/life balance. Spotify is carrying the popular podcast, theJoe Rogan Experience, in which last month the comedian interviewed Dr. Robert Malone, the infectious-diseases expert who has become something of a hero to the anti-vaccine community.
In a piece about his experiences visiting Joe Rogans studio, Substack vice president LuLu Cheng Meservey mentioned Conor McGregors photo hanging on the wall alongside those of Mick Jagger, Hunter S. Thompson, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, etc. Back in 2021, Conor McGregor asked Joe Rogan for the photo framed at Joe Rogans studio. The pair celebrated, in part, by recreating one of the photos that they took together on their special day, way back in 2012. Elvis Presley walks into the control room and talks to Sam Phillips, the owner of Sun Records, before joining the boys at Sun Record Studio.