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Eps 1: Inside the box thinking


Bound the range of acceptable ideas, then select and tailor the questions .
At the outset of the meeting, explicitly state the ground rules you've decided on-whether you want big ideas or incremental improvements, what the budget is, and so on.
The eight hours of idea generation that normally occurs in a two-day workshop generates more than 150 ideas!

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John Lowe

John Lowe

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By restricting and channeling our brains, we make them work harder and smarter to find creative solutions. Subsequent research has shown that simply telling people to think outside the box does not improve their creative output. As Professors Drew Boyd and Jacob Goldberg have shown, they argue that thinking outside the box actually generates ideas.nThe term out of the box is often associated with creativity and wild idea generation. The idea that thinking beyond borders actually ignites creative thinking is very refreshing.nBox methods, solutions and ideas think outside the box, but there is a difference between inthebox thinking and outofthebox thinking. The box has become a metaphor for being outside your comfort zone, outside the boundaries of what you are used to and what is expected of you.nWhen I read about the methods used by trainers and promoters of creativity, they say that they use methods from outside the box. By defining the box and sharing this knowledge within your organization, you begin to foster creativity.nDeveloping creative ideas is great, but if they are not rooted in brand values, they do not serve their purpose. Otherwise, the ideas carry confusion and will not anchor your brand with you or the brand.nBefore you start the creative process, empower everyone to find their place within the box. Bring in a big creative idea that makes people stand up and listen, and youve brought everything in.nBut many companies dont realize this, and the only way to get there is to first define the box in which your creative team should work. If your brand wants to unlock a lethal creative idea, the first step must be to deliver a wellthoughtout creative assignment that helps define the overall goals creative teams can work on. The box can be defined by defining what works for you and what doesnt, but thats up to you.nThe attribute can be defined in two ways: as a feature or as part of the overall vision for the project and as an overall goal.nIncreasingly, we hear expressions used as if they were the only defining feature that they are not. But they are not: we are increasingly hearing that they can be used in many ways, not just as a feature or as part of the overall vision.nI cry when I hear people say they think outside the box because I rarely hear people who are really creative and describe themselves as really great in what they do. Most of us who think seriously about creativity agree that, in order to be useful, creativity must include something and go beyond what is already known. People who say, I dont live outside my box, fail to be thoughtful leaders, inspire others, and, as they say, excel at everything they do in their box.nBy thinking outside the box, you actually have the opportunity to expand the ideas and possibilities in your box. Box is a term best used with a box nearby, but if you think outside the box, think about the untapped markets around you, and think about new ways to communicate what you are, the scope and purpose of your business can be expanded.nWhether in marketing or advertising, our partners and founders encourage their employees to think outside the box and experiment with new ideas and ideas.nThis actually means that we are producing ideas that no one has thought of, that have the potential to go viral and break out on the Internet.nThe box to which it refers is not defined, so how do we know which ideas fall into this box and which do not? The author argues against boxing thinking by using an interpretation that mentions the error of the above. He says we should restructure the problem and stick to it and therefore think outside the box. Using this interpretation, which I mention in this as a mistake, the author argues against thinking outside the box, because it takes us away from our problem.nThe argument in favour of boxing is actually an argument against, not an argument against, thinking outside the box.nYou have to figure out what interpretation of the box someone has before you can understand that person. Someone who is already part of your team knows the answer and can figure it out for you, but not for you.nIf you hire competent people who know the industry and familiarize you with the problems and pain points that you are trying to address, they will have a better understanding of how to fix them. All you need to do is ensure that you have the skills and work to promote the behaviors that produce great innovation.nIn search of groundbreaking ideas, dont ask yourself if youre thinking outside the box. Instead of focusing on many ideas and trying to make the most of them, a coherent global approach to thinking outside the box limits opportunities and focuses on the quality of ideas, rather than guiding ideology.n