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Justin Horton

Justin Horton

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If you want to get an idea about the state of the collective mind, simply take a look around you at what is going on in the world. Do not ask me what I actually mean, I am simply reflecting what you actually wish you could see, so take from me whatever you will. Take it all for granted, but let us respect time anyway... Look around you instead, watch me walk.
This is an evolution from the veteran rapper, Masta Ace, going from taking a look around in 90s, all the way in 2015, making records with younger cats who had hunger, forming Juice Crew, and getting this album out. Yeah, the title definitely does, because the background of that is the first album by veteran rhymer Masta Ace, Take a Look Around, which was compiled by my mom.
Originally breaking onto the scene with Juice Crew on their iconic 1988 cut, The Symphony, Ace followed up this big-time outing with his debut solo single, Together, which laid the groundwork for his 1990 debut, Take a Look Around. Today marks the 25th anniversary of its release, and to celebrate, we got veteran rapper Masta Ace on the phone to give us a little insight on the making of Take a Look Around, and how his 1990 debut established a tone for his career.
It is the first single and 10th track off of their third album, Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water, released on July 3, 2000. When asked to listen to the Limp Bizkit album Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water for the first time ever, and to review it, my initial thoughts were that it had become a much easier task than the one when I was asked to review Slayer. In the UK, Take A Look Around was Limp Bizkit is first single to release.
There is a song on that album I actually heard earlier. The lyrics provided on the Sonic Channel site for Unlimited are not consistent with what is heard in the official version of the song.
At the start of the songs video, a Break Stuff song is heard playing inside a vehicle that the band arrives in. The video for the song features the band working undercover in a coffee shop in order to recover a record from a group of Secret Agents.
Back to the Future Back to the Future, Babe Back to the Future Back to T... you could just walk out there, dance, have a little drinks, bring your body back home. Keep moving, Do not stop the sway Ahhhh... Get back up when your down, Baby, Take a good look around.
You got to keep going ahead, but you do not have to always look forward. No matter how tedious or interminable your daily steps might be; the way to stay on track and re-aligned is to stop, look around, see how far you have come, cheer yourself on, then continue on.
If you asked me what I did with my fears, I would just say that I used it to make my perspective on all things surrounding change. If we look around and do not see any signs that God is acting to solve the situation, we might be tempted to make up our own ideas to hasten a resolution. It is almost like we can walk in, look around, and tell the grey-haired landlady behind us, we are going to get this. Yet a couple promised to look no further, too, because we accepted there might be no better options.
Because Infinites been up against better, you only need look at my face -- refer back to Infinites loss to Shadow and think that is a better opponent than Sonic or Avatar. If Sonic thought you could get me/Then you would need to leave & forget about this - The Resistance are stupid for thinking that they could stop Infinites, and they need to simply give up. Something About You It is not in the way that you held me, it is not the way that you kissed me, but Baby, there is just something about you, And whenever I stare into your eyes, You know, I can feel my temperature rising, Because Baby, there is just something about you Oh, you can take my heart, And you are gone, And if you do not come back, Everything is black, I know, Oh, Oh. Mexican Girl Juanita I wish you would stay, you know it is been on my heart for so long to say, That while i will always remember who i called my Mexican girl.
Growing up in Coney Island, you saw so many different walks of life, And growing up, the veteran rhymer, Masta Ace, I would be sitting on a train with my mom, and I would see these homeless guys coming in, asking for money, just looking like they were really bums, poor, and I would always wondered what their stories were. If you go back and listen to my demo, right off the bat you can hear that influence, veteran rhymer Masta Ace just looping basically that same kind of music and just talking about neighborhoods and asking people to take a look around you and see what is going on around you. When you were just starting out learning English, you might have memorized words like English Meaning look around; but now that you understand the language better, there is a better way to teach yourself meaning look around via sentence examples.
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