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This article discusses how snow smells differently depending on the location and how climate change is affecting the way snow smells.
The undeniable snowy smell that fills the air on a cold winter day is what many associate with snow. In New England, the smell of snow is especially strong due to the heavy snowfall and low air. The usual outdoor odors like wood and vegetation are mixed with this unique scent, creating a special experience for those in the area. On a snowy day, children are usually seen running around outside making snow angels or building snowmen with their friends. Sometimes they even have enough to make a sleigh out of! The low laden branches of trees create an eerie atmosphere as they sway in the wind while people make their way up to the shooting hill or sledding hill for some winter fun.
But before they can even make it out of their homes, the unmistakable smell of snow fills the air. It's a mysterious and delightful smell that intensifies when you pick up some snow in your hands. Snow smells like perfume, and as it turns out, this isn't just your imagination. According to smell researcher Johan Lundstrom from Sweden, the top layer of freshly fallen snow has an intense sweet scent due to the molecules sprayed by perfumes in the atmosphere. This phenomenon is also seen in your freezer ice trays; if you’ve ever stuck your nose into one while they are still frozen and fresh, you’ll get a hint of this sweet scent. The way that perfume molecules interact with snow is an art form in itself; when all these molecules mix together with falling snow particles, something magical happens that creates this unique scent.
Olfactory scientist Pamela Dalton of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia says that snow smells because of the way it boils when coming into contact with air. She explains that snow has a unique smell because it carries tiny molecules of moisture, like humidity, which stimulate a nerve in your brain when you inhale.
Lorelai recalls how, as a young girl growing up in a small town, she could always tell when it was about to snow. The pungent smell of certain pollutants would fill the air and the temperatures would drop. Even when she went out to try and find her lost dog, she could see more trace metals in the polluted area and knew it was only a matter of time before snowflakes started to fall.
Lorelai Gilmore, the main character in the TV series “Gilmore Girls”, always believed in and shared with her daughter Rory a special saying “I smell snow”. Lorelai was born and raised in Stars Hollow, Connecticut and was proud to be a Gilmore. She tells Rory about how she skipped out on the annual Christmas dinner with her elder Gilmores to be present for her daughter's birth. This belief that “I smell snow” always brought a sense of hope to both girls, as it reminded them of all the love that was within their home and all the best things that happened during their lives together.
Lorelai Gilmore, the classic Lorelai from the iconic Gilmore Girls series was known for uttering this famous statement. Her beloved hometown of Stars Hollow had become a vintage look that was recently brought back to life in the Netflix revival. Every time it snowed in Stars Hollow, Lorelai and Rory’s eyes lit up with joy as they remembered all the amazing moments they had spent there together over the years.
To celebrate this special talent, I Smell Snow created 40 unique gifts and merchandise inspired by the Gilmore Girls. From Rock Our Hairbands to Knotbands, these accessories were tested by the Gilmore Girls fans themselves to ensure that they perfectly represented their favourite show. With the “Gilmore smell” of Christmas in the air and Lorelai’s famous quote “I smell snow” echoing through Stars Hollow, it was a way for us all to get comfy and be at home with our favorite stars. For those of us who can’t make it to Stars Hollow, I Smell Snow has provided us with a way to bring a bit of Stars Hollow food into our home.
The gentle handwash is water resistant, can withstand stickers and gives a smooth look. It also comes with sure stickers that fit our hairbands and knotbands, so you can easily put them on without headaches. Putting them on the temples or back of your hand is a great way to bring some Stars Hollow weather into your home.
'I Smell Snow' is a very basic snowflake pattern created by perfumer Christopher Brosius. The inch-long snowflake sign is an icon of winter and is beloved by Gilmore Girls fans. Brosius started with a unique idea of creating a scent that would capture the feeling of snowfall, including people holding hands and the cold air on either side. He then created other snow iterations, like stick people holding hands, stars, and art. With this concept in mind, he crafted his signature scent 'I Smell Snow', which has become quite popular over the years. People love it because it evokes the feeling of a winter wonderland and brings back memories of watching Gilmore Girls while wrapped up in blankets with hot cocoa.
Lorelai's faith was nearly lost after leaving her home and feeling like she had nowhere to go, but things began to change when she found the scent of fresh sugar cookies baking in the kitchen. Lorelai was amazed by how the smell of a kitchen blend of butter and sugar could bring her so much comfort. She sat in wonder at how something so simple could make her feel so at home and inspired her to share what she had learned with others. Her newfound knowledge was best used by mixing cookie dough, baking it, and waiting for the first snowfall. Lorelei used yarn to make scarves for everyone who gave their time and resources to help her start anew.