Eps 1550: Give Me 10 Minutes, I'll Give You The Truth About Latex

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As a LaTeX user, it is likely not that unfamiliar for you, but you need to prepare. If you are currently not a LaTeX user, but are thinking about using LaTeX for typography purposes anyway, you should really be aware of what you are getting into.
Before we get there, however, I am going to offer a couple tips specific to LaTeX, which you will likely not find in common git literature. Since I am going to give an introduction talk, today I am looking around the frontends for LaTeX to see what to recommend. We will start by discussing some of the essential aspects that you should think about before buying, then we will go over some of our favourite latex mattresses. If you are new to latex mattresses, or just wondering how to get the best one for your sleeping preferences and budget, here are a few vital considerations you should consider.
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Like LaTeX, the learning curve can be steep, but git is such a powerful tool once you learn to use it, it is well worth it. Git is kinda like LaTeX in the way that it can seem pretty intimidating if you have not used it before, but once you have grasped a few of the core concepts, it is not that bad. It is not quite as powerful as WinEdt is macro-capable, and it only handles miXets . This does not mean people should not use LaTeX at all, but it does mean people should probably stop recommending LaTeX as a writing tool.
I did not use it for the typesetting of a public report from the Value of Electronic Music Project, for instance, because that was a public report, and I did not want it to feel like a conference paper. I happily used WinEdt for all of my Latex editing for about 15 years, and encouraged my entire research group to use it.a But I got fed up with the problems WinEdt was having, which were taking up all my time. I looked around for another LaTeX editor, and after trying out a couple alternatives, discovered TeXstudio , which seems really clean and easy, yet does all the things I need.
If you want to do something really crazy -- say, using a font other than Computer Modern -- plain vanilla TeX and LaTeX are just not going to cut it.
Unfortunately, this commands output may be a little messy, as LaTeX produces many additional files you may not want to extract versions of. When you save a LaTeX file, you are usually overwriting an older version of that file. With git, you can snapshot your file any time you like, so that you can always go back to this version, even if you have made changes in between. Things like the.aux files,.toc, and.bbl files are changed every time you run LaTeX, but they do not necessarily reflect all of the changes that have been made to your document.
It turns out that Gedits LaTeX plugin is incompatible with newer versions of Gedit, and it is impossible to switch back to an earlier version of Gedit since it does not work in newer versions of Ubuntu . The LaTeX Gedit plugin looks fine, but it mysteriously stops working after 10 minutes or so.
A couple friends were going to be writing a thesis shortly, and I offered to help them get it up and running in LaTeX. It may be worthwhile to use ShareLaTeX, so I can watch a few friends from behind as they type. None of them had previous LaTeX experience, and teaching them to use LaTeX seemed too much work for too little.