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There is a video version of this interview at my Facebook page here The Geeky Retro Nerds Show | Facebook This show is sponsored and a part of The Scene Stealers Podcast Network. Join your hosts, Haydn, Steve, Mark, and Alan, for a podcast about video games, movies, TV, tech, and pop culture. Listen in and listen to it all come together!Or, you can go back through all of the Season 1 episodes currently available and hear the podcast as it was before, when we talked movies and TV shows, as well as anything else that was popular in our world.
I thought it was pretty cool -- direct link for episode is here, but you may be able to find it at your podcast provider of choice as well. I have posted about this before, but it is truly something that should not be left out of any list.
It may just be one of the most nerdy, slashy T-shirts ever to make it onto our list. This t-shirt crossover is not quite as great as the episode of the crossover, but it is definitely a fantastically weird shirt. We like this Spreadshirt shirt because it is got a combination of two geeky things that are hilarious: the superhero The Flash and USB drives.
Show off your love of the vintage storage formats with this shirt, which is also a funny Star Wars reference. This shirt arguably sums up Bobs Burgers perfectly, and is a must-buy for any fan of the show.
This shirt is a good way to show off your love of Breaking Bad, just make sure you tell people that you are the one knocking. This shirt is a great way to show off your game preferences without having to deal with the trouble of getting in peoples faces with your dominance while you are actually talking to them.
One such character type is someone who is proud of his or her geekdom, and would never hesitate to show it off. A counter-trend in contemporary fiction is showing one of these character types to be completely frank. Maybe they missed the memo telling us geek culture is not supposed to be uncool, or perhaps they thought being a geek was the best way to show off their personality to people.
Many in the supporting cast, and even Juniper in smaller ways, are, but Cien is nerdy, yet mocks geek culture at every turn. The band really does lose some points because of the large hair and overly-cool 1980s disconnection which runs rampant throughout the videos. Then several folks from the crowd get up, one by one, to explain what makes them dorks.
If you are unsure of the joke, no worries, we will not judge if you go pop out to google it. Okay, so it is probably not nerdy to get all nerdy about dinosaurs, but as long as you are physically confident enough to pull it off, sure, that is funny. Toby Radloff on American Splendor American Splendor is pretty empowered from Revenge of the Nerds, and feels much the same. Harvey Pekar dismissed the Nerds in American Splendor as being phonies, and saw the entire affair as an affront to genuine nerds, such as Toby Radloffs nerds in American Splendor.
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TBH podcast is a music & culture podcast hosted by true crime enthusiasts. A podcast from an ex-pat couple from the Philippines, located in England, the United Kingdom, where a nerdy husband, Tops, leads the nerdy clueless wife, Glendz, through the world of geek fandom, where they dig deeper into hidden, and not-so-hidden messages in movies, TV shows, cartoons, comic books, and the whole pop culture world. The 1980s smash sci-fi horror TV show, Stranger Things is coming back, and everybody loves the classic show. These geek chic fashions show nerds are growing in popularity in pop culture despite the way they might have been treated in high school.
We rounded up a few of our favorite geeky T-shirts to love. If you are heading out, and need something to wear to demonstrate your geek pride, it can be hard deciding on something to pull off. These days, fans of major film and TV franchises can find depth and texture in their favorite characters lives thanks to an abundance of tie-in novels. Now quite prevalent, in real life as well as in fiction, thanks to geeks and nerds evolving to pretty neutral terms during the 2010s - as well as an increasing mainstream appreciation for nerd culture.
This re-released version of " Take On Me" aired in 1985, at the height of the MTV Revolution , featuring a groundbreaking comic-book-like subject matter, using a mixture of animation and live-action. The man who made this magic happen, Charles E. Dederich, AKA Chuck, was going to be the man to bring down Synanon, as well as the lives of several of its followers, as well as millions of dollars of assets.