Fizz has a meltdown over dolly's haircut | Tweenies (2002)


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Eps 1: Fizz has a meltdown over dolly's haircut | Tweenies (2002)


In the podcast titled "Fizz has a meltdown over Dolly's haircut" from the show Tweenies in 2002, the character Fizz becomes extremely upset over Dolly getting a haircut. Fizz expresses her disappointment and disapproval, stating that Dolly's long hair was one of her favorite attributes. She even goes as far as calling Dolly's new haircut "horrible" and questioning their friendship. Eventually, Fizz realizes that Dolly's haircut doesn't change who she is as a person and they make amends.

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Arthur Taylor

Arthur Taylor

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Title: Fizz Has a Meltdown Over Dolly's Haircut | Tweenies (2002)

Welcome to today's podcast episode where we will be discussing a memorable moment from the popular children's show, Tweenies. In this particular episode titled "Fizz has a Meltdown over Dolly's Haircut," we witness a delightful yet emotional adventure that our beloved characters go through. Join us as we dive into this entertaining and heartwarming story that captures the essence of friendship, acceptance, and self-expression.

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The episode begins in the lively and colorful world of the Tweenies, a group of four diverse and enthusiastic preschoolers. In this specific instance, the focus falls on Fizz, a cheerful and energetic character loved by children around the world. Being true to her name, Fizz has an effervescent personality that often leads her to display heightened emotions. This time, her emotions are triggered by her friend Dolly's new haircut.

As the episode progresses, we soon discover that Dolly, the glamorous member of the Tweenies, has decided to sport a new look by cutting her hair short. Fizz, however, is not ready to embrace this change as well as the others when they see Dolly's transformation for the first time. Fizz's initial reaction is an outpouring of disbelief and distress, escalating into a full-blown meltdown over Dolly's haircut.

The Tweenies, recognizing Fizz's distress, decide to approach the situation with empathy and patience. They realize that their friend is exhibiting jealousy and insecurity, fearing that changes in appearance might distance Dolly from the group. In their trademark style, the Tweenies turn this challenging moment into an opportunity for learning and growth.

Throughout the episode, the narrative beautifully explores and celebrates the importance of self-expression and individuality. By depicting Dolly's haircut as an act of personal choice and freedom, the episode teaches its young viewers about acceptance and respect for others' choices. In the end, Fizz comes to understand the significance of these values, ultimately embracing Dolly's new look and reaffirming their deep friendship.

The emotional ride that the characters embark upon in this episode provides an opportunity for children to learn invaluable life lessons in a safe and enjoyable environment. By showcasing the characters' emotional struggles, Tweenies helps children to recognize and manage their own emotions, while also promoting empathy and understanding towards others.


The "Fizz has a Meltdown over Dolly's Haircut" episode from Tweenies remains a treasured moment in children's television. Through the characters' relatable experiences, the episode touches on themes of acceptance, self-expression, and emotional growth. It encourages children to embrace change, celebrate individuality, and cultivate empathy towards their peers.

In a world where appearances and trends often dictate popularity, this episode serves as a gentle reminder that true friendship transcends physical attributes. The journey of Fizz's emotional rollercoaster culminates in a heartwarming realization that friendships are built on acceptance, love, and support.

So next time you find yourself watching Tweenies with your little ones, be sure to look out for "Fizz has a Meltdown over Dolly's Haircut" and join in on the captivating adventure that captures both children's imaginations and their hearts.