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He left the island a month later most recently on a cargo ship headed for the United Arab Emirates, almost three months after his arrival. For years, she has traveled to some of the most remote and unusual places in the world such as Pakistan, travelling 24 hours in a freight train in the Sahara Desert, and spending three months on a remote island off the Yemeni coast, due to the pandemic before returning home by cargo ship.
In addition, in her Q&A video, she said that her biggest dream was to travel alone to a place where women don't usually travel alone. She began traveling alone to China, India, Nepal, Mongolia and India.
Shortly after the race, she and her teammates were informed they must leave immediately as the coronavirus pandemic spreads and countries around the world are closing their borders. Socotri officials announced on 15 March that the island would close its borders and that the marathoners should return home as soon as possible.
Eva zu Beck, 29, arrived in early March on a commercial flight to the Arabian Sea on a commercial flight from Cairo but struggled to find a way to leave after the island was closed in order to protect the population from COVID-19. With unauthorized flights to land on the island, the only commercial options were to sail to Oman, which closed its borders, or to the mainland, which Eva considered risky due to the health crisis and civil war. Eve also had to spend some time locked up and waiting on
Eva is a woman who breaks stereotypes about how women can travel the world alone. Eva is a guest on TV and her YouTube channel with 1.25 million subscribers. With her foster family, she produces a travel documentary, trains her travel program and promotes sustainable tourism in Pakistan.
While the rest of the world stays inside Zu Beck, who has expanded his social media to over 1 million people through travel vlogs in unique destinations like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Syria has spent the past two months camping on deserted white sand beaches, sea bass fishing on high seas and climbing 10-story sand dunes in anticipation of a pandemic on one of the world's most isolated islands.
A travel blogger who ended up on an island in Yemen during the coronavirus crisis tells how she resorted to a six-day freighter trip to the United Arab Emirates to catch a flight back to Poland at the age of 27 when they quit their jobs and set off to travel the world. Eva Zu Beck is a 30-year-old Polish travel video blogger, former host of the Turkish news channel TRT Worlds and an independent woman living her dream.
With more than 77.5 million views on the channel and regularly garnering over 300,000 views per video she is a shining light for women travelling alone around the world and allows us to look far off the beaten track. It is a unique and refreshing perspective.
I believe in a sustainable, community-driven, sincere path and want to continue to tell stories of communities who live a simple life, one with nature, in harmony with reality of the world that directly surrounds them.
In three years of traveling as I made my way through several worlds. My future journey, the way I look at the world and the journey that really initiated everything I do with my content and with the destinations I have visited now was the second country that I visited, namely Pakistan.
Uh, the Pakistani adventure turned into a year's stay in Pakistan, ended up spending a year there, uh, travelling the country, filming a video, um, come on some kind of cultural travel, food, in Pakistan I think it was good because I had to explore the part of the world from where my family comes from. Before that I worked at the European Parliament in Brussels, I traveled like crazy and studied French and German at the University of Oxford.
For me, these have always been the most important travels when I have had enough time to learn another culture and its people. For me, this is a kind of journey that helps me change the world in a little more detail, challenges me in a positive way, and helps me grow as a human being. And I've always wanted to give women the opportunity to go out and travel alone.