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A coating on concrete floors will turn your regular concrete floor into a non-porous, smooth and stain-resistant surface that can easily be removed from dust, dirt and debris. An epoxy coating will also help prevent concrete dust, which occurs when the porous, unprinted surface of the concrete floor is eroded by traffic. Using an epoxy coating on concrete floors will create a shiny, strong and durable surface.
Whether you need to renovate outdated floors or patch up a concrete surface, epoxy flooring can transform your space and strengthen your floor. This flooring is surprisingly useful in protecting concrete surfaces and displaying a glossy finish. These floor coverings can be applied to concrete floors to achieve an attractive, high performing surface.
You will find that our epoxy floor paint application service can create a durable, strong and durable surface for your industrial or commercial floor. If you are interested in this method for garages or basements, a professional team can install new protective and glossy surfaces for you. If you are considering using epoxy concrete coatings for industrial and commercial use in Arizona, please talk to Barefoot Surfaces' epoxy contractors and we can provide you with the skills and knowledge to add epoxy coatings to your existing concrete floors.
We can work with you to explain the benefits of using epoxy flooring products and offer colors and pattern solutions that are unique to your business. Epoxy floor coatings are commonly used on floors by professional mechanics or automotive service areas, but they are also an extremely useful option for commercial floors in many industries.
Epoxy is applied to concrete, wood, VCT, tiles, or many other general industrial and commercial floors chemically different from conventional floor paints even those that are made specifically for concrete surfaces. The floor must be sanded and prepared before epoxy is applied and the composition is poured onto the floor and left to harden before the second or third coat.
Usually a layer of shavings or sand is added over the second layer to increase friction in the floor when it gets wet. Before applying epoxy flooring it is important to repair and repair any major cracks and chips in the concrete surface and remove all grease to the floor but be sure that the floor is completely dry, as otherwise the epoxy will not adhere properly.
Epoxy garage floors will not have the engine oil, traffic, hot grease from the kitchen area, automobile fluids and harsh cleaning agents affecting the floor adversely affect.
It usually involves sanding the floor, shot-blasting or acid etching the floor to profile the concrete with an epoxy resin, which will last longer because epoxy will adhere to the top of the uneven coating. Epoxy resin, as a sealant, protects concrete from the appearance of various defects and wear.
You can sweep the epoxy flooring, which is rough but fragile, whereas regular concrete is rough and brittle, easily and maintain the shiny and durable epoxy surface. With the epoxy flooring at Queen Creek, you have a low friction surface that makes spills and mess much easier to clean than it would be on regular concrete, however, keep in mind that this is not as fast as a concrete polishing process and requires careful surface preparation to ensure the coating adheres properly to the floor.
Commercial spaces require floors that can withstand heavy loads, which is why epoxy coatings are a popular solution today. One of the strongest and most durable ways to finish your garage floor is epoxy, which can transform dull or ugly concrete into a beautiful and functional professional-quality floor. And as the garage is becoming more than just a place to park your car, the benefits of epoxy garage coating quickly made it one of the best garage floor options available today.
Epoxy flooring can really add aesthetic value to your space because it has a variety of finishes to choose from: sheet, metal, and polished concrete. Epoxy floor coatings are available in a variety of colors and styles. It hides dim, unsightly concrete floors and surface cracks and other subtle defects, making it look more attractive. Epoxy floors provide a variety of rugged and durable floor solutions that can withstand heavy traffic and common storage equipment such as forklifts without any signs of wear.
Epoxy floors are very suitable for floors that have to withstand extreme temperatures, pedestrian and mechanical traffic, chemicals, oils and other fluids without peeling and corrosion for many years. Because epoxy floors can be directly applied to concrete, the installation cost is lower Other traditional flooring options. Epoxy resin also has the ability to resist bacteria and bacteria, making epoxy resin floors easier to clean.