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Host image: StyleGAN neural net
Content creation: GPT-2, transformers, CTRL


Michele Franklin

Michele Franklin

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In New Jersey, Horizon Healthcare Services will transform the way healthcare is delivered, and within a few years of its initiative, the company is implementing a value-based program, delivering more than 1.5 million treatment phases per year to patients across the state. The current program includes more than 900 physicians and has completed more than 12,000 treatments, making it the largest bundled payment program in the United States.
This series is weekly and takes a relaxed and - from - the weekly spot to look back at the news from the New Jersey health care industry over the past week.
No worries, there's no word yet on a release date for the second season of Disney's Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Although Internet leaks and spoilers would have encouraged Disney to drop two episodes on February 5, that didn't happen. Instead of releasing an episode every week, Disney is working on a regulated schedule. This means that we will have three episodes of the first season in the first week of March. A fortnight later, on March 19, the third season premieres on the same day, March 20.
I'm still emotional about the end of the episode, but it still seems clear to me that Helen and I will end up together anyway.
Should we start a support group where we just watch farmers feed their sheep together, or host a podcast moderated by journalists of color? COVID is about a group of selected families leaving a cosy bar and going home together. I'm a big fan of low - keys, emotions - inducing everything, but this podcast is a bit too emotional for me.
If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that history defines every aspect of our present, and if we are part of history, it is this podcast that engages the US in the conversation. Research how we affect the lives of people of color and their families, friends, neighbors, colleagues and friends of friends.
This is the minute podcast in which producer Andrea Gutierrez tells how her father was involved in the Chicano moratorium of the 1970s and what it taught her. We come to the most urgent lessons we can learn about what it would really mean for the United States to face its racial problems.
The foreign drama may be Shameless's routine, but Lip is the worst offender in this episode. This season should have been about accepting the relationships the characters have built, rather than resorting to the same melodrama that has polluted the show's early years. Lips's decision to work in a gay bar feels misguided, because it looks like Debbie is cleaning the slate. When she comes out, she goes to her friends and family, not just Lip.