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Kathy Mitchelle

Kathy Mitchelle

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You can also follow Mountain Stage podcasts on iTunes, NPR, or wherever you listen to podcasts, so you never miss an episode. A new podcast in the Literary Show of Wonders and Adventures section is a welcome addition to fans of the fantasy and science fiction genre. Rather than a simple interview format with the standard music typical of most podcasts, the Literary Wonder & Adventure Show is a Doctor Who whirling with a time-traveling stone tower.
This episode is not only an exploration of the early days of science fiction, its rise and rise to prominence, but also a discussion of the limitations of the genre and the need for authors to read their authors outside of their chosen genre. It is littered with references to authors I have not read and in whom I am now showing interest. An hour and 17 minutes is the kind of podcast I enjoy, with the length needed to move from superficial questions to interesting biographical and historical details and gender issues.
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Group 2 consisted of 34 French patients with UMT , with or without concomitant SS/SLE and SS/SLE patients without UMO symptoms . The control group included 5 patients with SLE without neurological damage and 11 patients with SS . Group 2 consisted of 153 consecutive US patients diagnosed with NMO1 or a syndrome known to be at high risk of conversion to NMO . Methods Group 1 included 153 US NMOSD patients (78 with neuromyelitis of the optic nerve and 75 with longitudinally advanced transverse myelitis) and 33 controls with Sjögren's syndrome .
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